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The PS5 is showing some faults and therefore it is necessary to tell you How to fix error code CE-117065-0.

What causes error code CE-117065-0 in PS5?

  This console takes a very short time and is presenting a series of failures that can become annoying, in such a way that knowing How to repair the error code CE-117065-0 leads us to talk to you about what may be some causes that usually originate this failure , such as:


  •   Problems with the server restoring licenses.
  • Outdated software.


  Whatever the case, it is a cause for this failure to be shown, in such a way that there is the possibility of giving it an answer and that is why we are here.

How to fix error code CE-117065-0 in PS5?

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    Choose to update the system software: this is a necessary action to execute, not only because of this failure but also because of other issues that require it, for this it is necessary:


    •  Have an internet connection.
    • Go to the screen and with the help of the Dualsense controller go to Settings.
    • Then we must select system where we will look for System Software Update and configuration.
    • Updates need to be configured so that they can be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • We proceed to Update the system software and our console will look for the updates.


     Choose to restore licenses: this is a second solution and can be applied in case the previous one has not been successful, for this it is necessary:


    •  Select the gear icon that is located at the top right of the home screen.
    • Then we select User and accounts, and then select Others.
    • Then we choose Restore licenses and we choose to select the Restore button.
    • It is necessary to wait a few seconds while this error is solved.


     Choose to enable PS5 as main: it is necessary to have console sharing and offline playback enabled, for which it is necessary:


    •  Go to Settings.
    • Then locate User and accounts.
    • We proceed to locate Share consoles and play offline.
    • We will see a first line of paragraph that says "Share console and play offline" we see that it is enabled.
    • If it is not, it is necessary to select the Enable button and this will activate it as the main one.

     This is all you need to know about How to fix error code CE-117065-0 so that you can apply any of these solutions and respond to the PS5 failure.

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