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PS5 has come to allow us to enjoy much more and this makes it necessary to explain to you How to fix error code CE-107520-5, let's see.

What causes error CE-107520-5 in PS5?

This console has presented some series of failures recently, only that fortunately these have solutions, in some quite simple cases, in this sense, knowing how to repair the error code CE-107520-5 leads us to consider these possible causes:


  •   The console may be running with some software.
  • It may be that some time has passed without updating the PS5 software.
  • PS5N servers may be undergoing maintenance and needs to be confirmed on the PS5N service status page.
  • It is possible that the console does not connect to the internet and therefore there is no possibility of accessing online games.

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    How to fix error code CE-107520-5 in PS5?

    Renew the software automatically: this is usually an interesting and necessary option, in this sense it is necessary:


    •  Check that the PS5 5 has an adequate internet connection.
    • We use the DualSense to go to "Settings"
    • Then we select "System", then "System software update and configuration"
    • We proceed to configure the updates in such a way that they can be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • Then you need to select "Update system software" and check for updates.


     Download and install the latest PS5 software manually - this is another alternative to know How to fix error code CE-107520-5 and it involves:


    •  Install the most recent update, which leads us to connect a USB drive to our PC, it must contain a minimum of 2GB of free space.
    • It is necessary to create a folder called PS5 and within that folder create a folder called update.
    • Once we have downloaded the update on the PC from the official website, it is necessary to save it with the name “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
    • Then we must turn on the PS5 and choose to click on the PS5 loot on the controller.
    • Then it is necessary to go to "Settings" and from there look for "System software update"
    • Then it is necessary to follow the indications shown on the screen.


     Renew the software through a PS5 game disc: this is another option to know How to fix the error code CE-107520-5, since the most recent game discs bring updates and these can perfectly well be applied, the They usually contain the most recent version of the software, which can simply be less complex, because when accessing the disk it will show us some simple instructions on the screen to be executed.

    Restart the PS5: this is the last option we recommend, it is usually applied when we exhaust the other solutions and we cannot solve the failure, only that before agreeing to perform this action it is usually necessary to make a backup, this in order to preserve saved data and for this it is necessary:


    •  Go to "Settings" in order to find "Saved data and settings for games and applications".
    • We proceed to select "Saved data" and choose the data we want to back up to start the backup.
    • Once the copy has been completed, it is pertinent to restart the console and for this it is necessary to go to "settings".
    • Then we must go to "system" in order to select "system software".
    • Then we select "Reset options" and from there we access "Reset the console" to finally go to "reset".
    • The console will restart and this will take us to the configuration process.


    We can conclude our guide on How to fix error code CE-107520-5, as we hope you can put these solutions into practice and continue enjoying the PS5.

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