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The failures do not stop in PS5 which makes it necessary to explain how to fix the error CE-100028-1.

What is the CE-100028-1 error in PS5?

This is a failure with which we get in the most recent consoles and that is usually bothering us these days, it is a message that is usually displayed indicating that there is not enough free space in our SSD, so that we know how to repair the CE error -100028-1 leads us to work on some solutions that may be easy enough.

How to fix error CE-100028-1 in PS5?

We have three solutions that can well be applied and get us out of this problem, for which it is necessary:
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    Check the storage space: this is a necessary solution, in fact it is an error message that usually comes out where we are told that we do not have the necessary space, in such a way that we must:


    •  Choose to select the gear icon at the top right of our home screen.
    • Then it will be necessary to select Storage.
    • Next we select System storage.
    • In case there is space to install and download it will only be necessary to restart the factory system.


     Delete the data from the console:
    this is another solution that can be applied in case the previous one is not viable, that is, in case the storage is full, and for this it is necessary:


    •  Highlight the data that we consider necessary to delete.
    • Proceed to press the selection button and delete so that the data is deleted from the storage.


     Choose to restart the console:
    this is our last action to execute and this will erase everything completely, call it saved data and more, in this case it is necessary to make a backup, and for this we must:


    •  Go to Settings in order to locate Saved data and Settings for games and applications.
    • Next we select Saved Data.
    • Then we proceed to choose the data that we consider backing up and proceed to click Next to proceed with the backup.
    • After having the backup it is usually necessary to restart the console for which we go to Settings.
    • Next we go to System where we must select System Software and then Reset Options.
    • Locate Reset console and then Reset.
    • We will see that the PS5 will reboot and we will be directed to the configuration process.


    We can conclude this guide on How to fix error CE-100028-1 and in this way get rid of this failure in PS5.

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