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This time we are back with a PS5 guide having the aim to tell you about How to fix eject button not working.

What to know about the eject button not working in PS5?


It is a problem that prevents us from removing the game disc from our console, something that seems insignificant, but it becomes a problem, certainly there are other ways that lead us to remove the disc, but punctually we want to know is How to fix the eject button not working and with this guide we will see if we get to a concrete answer, then let's see the following content.


How to fix the eject button not working in PS5?


Being our purpose to see How to fix eject button not working in PS5, we can follow the indications below:


 Eject disc manually:  

Being stuck the disc we can take it out considering necessary lighting and a star screwdriver, then the first thing is that we hold down the power button on the PS5 for about 3 seconds to turn it off, then we remove all cables and devices, we move on to remove the base to place the console in a way that the screw of the base is towards our direction, having to our left the disk slot, then we put the palms of our hands close to the upper corners and take the edge of the cover to pull it gently up, now about How to fix the eject button not working we will hear a click.

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    So now we will have the cover lifted, allowing us to look for the black rings that belong to the optical drive, there is a circle of black plastic film that we will remove or push it so that we get to a hidden screw on the PS5, it is here where we will use the star screwdriver, once we have visibility of the disk we can remove it very carefully, then we place the cover back away about 2 cm or ¾ inch from the top edge until it falls into place, we will hear a click as it is secured, we connect the cables and turn on the console, keeping in mind that we should not turn it on while it is disassembled, now there are more options on How to fix eject button not working that we can consider.


     Eject disc with the controller:


    The PS5 button seems to be the one with the problem, then we can try to eject it with the help of the controller, this through the user interface, turning out to be simpler in terms of How to fix eject button not working at least to eject the disc, what we will do is to place ourselves on the home screen, we choose the tab of the game corresponding to the one inside the console, we press the options button of our controller, arriving at the menu that presents the option to eject disc at the bottom, we choose it and the disc should be ejected, even this helps to determine the reason why the disc is stuck.


    In PS5 should be noted that the reasons for this problem may be that the ejection mechanism is damaged by a blow, the components may be dirty, which could be caused by a disc in that state and that there is a problem with the firmware, which depends on the system properly updated, even something may be physically obstructing the disc, then you have to check all these possible situations, it can also be a failure in the console and that can be solved by making use of the warranty.

    Knowing How to fix the eject button not working is interesting because it allows us to solve a problem that occurs in our PS5.

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