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PS5 has some drawbacks that we must solve, and therefore it is convenient to explain how to repair the drift of the DualSense lever.

What is the purpose of repairing DualSense lever drift in PS5?

It is necessary to consider this joypad has some drawbacks, and it is necessary to solve them as soon as possible to be able to enjoy the console itself, in this sense, knowing how to repair the drift of the DualSense lever allows us to apply some explanatory solutions, this because the problem it tends to affect us regularly and ends up making a frustrating affair.

To know how to repair the drift of the DualSense lever it is necessary to bear in mind that this failure tends to become somewhat confusing, this because the only way to recognize that we are facing the problem is we will see that the analog stick will begin to move even when it is not we are pressing it, it is also possible to see that the aim tends to fall above and to the left or simply our character will move in a way that is not indicated, with these signals we can understand that our PS5 command is indicating that something is not right, and this will make any game that we are running can become quite difficult, perhaps much more than it normally can be and that is where it is necessary to find a solution.

How to fix DualSense lever drift in PS5?

This is a problem that has a solution and to apply it is necessary:
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    Check that our PS5 5 is updated: this is a process that can be done automatically, however, if we are not sure, it is possible to check that you have the correct software.

    Restart our command:
    this is another solution that we can apply perfectly well to know how to repair the drift of the DualSense lever is necessary:

    • Check the small hole that is usually on the back of the DualSense next to the Sony logo.
    • Proceed to find a tool, it can be a paper clip, and hold the button down for a few seconds.
    • Next, we proceed to connect the console control via USB and press the PS5 button.

    Choose to reduce the intensity of the effect of the shot: this is another action that can be applied well, and this can present some variations between reduction or deactivation.

    Deactivate the bluetooth connection:
    this is another of the actions that we can well apply and for this it will be necessary:

    • Go to "Settings" in order to locate "Accessories".
    • Then we must locate "Controls" and from there locate "Communication method".
    • Next, it is necessary to deactivate Bluetooth and proceed to turn it off and then turn it on again.

    Keep the PS5 Joystick clean:
    sometimes it is possible that dust, sweat or any other dirt may accumulate that could interfere with the performance of the DualSense, in this sense, it is necessary to use a clean and dry cloth to clean around the base.

    If none of these solutions usually work, and it is still within the 12-month warranty, there is the possibility of contacting Sony so that they can repair or replace the remote control.

    In general terms, knowing how to repair the drift of the DualSense lever allows us to apply some simple but necessary solutions to safely enjoy PS5.

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