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Today we bring you a PS5 guide where we will talk to you about How to delete corrupt data.

What to know about corrupted data in PS5?

It is something that happens when we notice that games crash for no reason even though they are new, so to solve this problem it is necessary that we know how to eliminate corrupt data and for this we have this guide with its following content to help us , let's see it.
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    How to delete corrupt data in PS5?


    •  On the console: to delete the corrupted data of a game we have to go to the gear icon located in the upper right part of the home screen, choose storage and enter the console and then search for games and applications, here we have the list of installed games and applications, then we choose the game with the problem, then we can choose to reinstall it with the available options.
    • PlayStation Plus: when we are here we have to delete the corrupted data by choosing the gear icon on the home screen, we look for the saved data and in game or application settings, to have access to all of them and those that are saved in the cloud , we choose the one with the problem to delete the corrupted data, if the problem persists we can wait for an update to be presented that can make the corrections.

     Finally, now that we know how to Delete corrupted data, we can continue to enjoy our games at PS5.

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