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Lidia Rozo
2021-07-13 15:27:32

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PS5 has a lot to offer us and this makes it convenient to explain how to connect speakers.

How to connect speakers in PS5?

  This is a task that can be a bit confusing, this because the console as such does not usually have an optical audio port, in this sense, we must consider making use of the HDMI ports with an HDMI audio extractor, so that Knowing how to connect speakers leads us to consider placing the extractor on the television and voila.

How to connect the soundbar in PS5?

  This is a favorable option and this can offer us a favorable experience in relation to the TV speakers, its bass is deeper and it usually contains sound effects that can be interesting, of course this also usually depends to a certain degree on our equipment, this us leads to consider these options:
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  • Connect the sound bar to the PS5 via HDMI and thus access the TV with another HDMI cable.
  • Connect the PS5 to the TV via HDMI and connect the sound bar by using an optical cable.


 It is usually necessary to choose to configure surround sound on the console, this in case we have gone to another extreme, in this case it is necessary to make some modifications in relation to the settings to know how to connect speakers and this is usually done in this way:


  •  We go to Settings to locate Sound, then we locate Audio Salute and finally arrive at HDMI Device.
  • Usually it is necessary to set the device to AV Amplifier without exception.
  • Then we select the number of speakers we have and adjust the position of the speakers so that this can coincide with the configuration of our room.
  • We opted to choose the audio format, so if we choose the sound bar it will be necessary to choose linear PCM, in the case of connecting the television and it passes the signal from the speakers we choose Dolby or DTS.


In this sense, knowing how to connect speakers allows us to make some necessary adjustments and thus continue to enjoy everything that PS5 has for us.

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