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PS5: How Much Will Cost

2019-10-09 15:09:41

The arrival of the PS5 is approaching and you will quickly begin to wonder how much the PS5 will cost, so in this guide we will tell you.

What will be in the PS5?

For several months now the rumors have been bubbling loudly and clearly, as the days go by the information growth intensifies.

  • Today it is said that the console will be powered by a Ryzen CPU and a Navi GPU.

  • There has been talk about the use of SSD to achieve faster loading times.

  • One of the first and most important rumors is that the new console developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment would have or allow backwards compatibility with previous versions. This means that you could play games from previous versions of the PlayStation in the fifth version of the console.

  • Graphics at a resolution of 8K and a lot of other things.

It is expected that the new Sony Interactive Entertainment console will be released by the end of the year 2020, so there is still a lot of time for more things to float over it.

But as the days go by, many users already wonder how much PS5 will cost, what will be the price of all these features.

How much will PS5 cost?

It really is still too early for Sony to make such a price attempt. However, we can say that costs will be affected by two important factors.

The first will be the cost of manufacturing the components.

The first factor can be considered for several years a remarkably volatile market where prices are constantly falling and rising and can generate losses or profits for developers.

The second factor is obvious, if the new Xbox is launched first than the PS5, the Xbox will have the most sales, but even more importantly, the first console to exit will basically be the one that will set the price of the new generation of consoles.

Given both aspects many have already dared to make calculations. Sony analyst Hideki Yasuda has forecast a starting point of $ 499. It is only an estimate, however if it were true, we could expect higher prices depending on the capabilities of the console.

Pelham Smithers, estimated the price of it at 500 dollars, coinciding with Yasuda.

Both estimates seem quite accurate, although after all it is, Sony could offer its new console at a much lower price to call the attention of more people to its new release.

Another factor that will surely influence prices will be the trade war between the United States and China due to the increase in tariffs.

But as we mentioned before, there is still a lot left for the premiere of the console so we will have to keep waiting before knowing a more official price.

Thus ends our guide on the PS5, hopefully Sony will surprise us with its new additions to the console and soon let us know how much the PS5 will cost.

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