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We welcome you to our PS5 guide where we will talk about How to fix error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9.

What to know about PS5?

There are a series of errors that appear in our console, one of them is the error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9, these occur when wanting to enter the PS5N, when trying to enter a multiplayer game online and to get an idea of How to error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9 we can consider the following content.

How to error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9 in PS5?

To solve How to error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9 in PS5 it is necessary that we consider the following possible solutions:
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    • Check the crash of PS5N: knowing that our connection works well, this may be due to the PS5N servers, which are undergoing maintenance, then we must see if this is true, then we go to the corresponding page to check the status of the service, in case of the existence of a problem we will have to wait, if it is solved we can see if there are new updates of the system, in case of not loading it would be an internet problem, and it only remains to consider for our PS5 to continue with the other options.
    • The speed of our Wi-Fi: regarding How to repair the error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9, we can consider that the problem may be in the router, this due to the distance with our console, then approaching it can serve to improve the signal and for the connection to be stable, it may also be an option to buy a router with a higher power that amplifies the signal.
    • The DNS configuration: there are some DNS servers that can cause these errors, so it is necessary that we make a change in this to resolve How to repair the error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9, then we enter the configuration, in network and configuration, then we give it in the internet connection, we give it in the corresponding network to enter the advanced configuration, in manual DNS, here we put in primary and in secondary which turns out to be the DNS of Google, we accept for the changes to be saved, we restart the PS5 and see if the problems still appear.
    • Restart the console: we must completely remove the power when turning off the console, for this we hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds until the LED light turns off, we disconnect the plug behind the console and wait a minute to press the power button, getting the power to run out within it, we wait 20 minutes and plug everything in to restart it, we can use an internet network cable connection to reconfigure to see if the error persists.
    • Turn the router off and on: for this solution what we will do is remove the power to our router, leaving it between 5 and 10 minutes to connect it again, we now check if there are any errors, it is important to restart the devices in question.
    • Update the router: regarding How to error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9it is possible that our router is obsolete, noting a significant drop in speed that possibly causes these errors, then what we will do It is an update of its firmware, which takes us to the home page of our router, we log in and look for the option to update.
    • Contact our ISP: it is necessary when we have tried so many things that we contact our internet provider, because they can access data that we cannot, even determining where the problem of our internet is, apart we will also tell you that we require the release of the posts TCP 80, 443, 3478, 3479 and UDP 3478, 3479, 49152 ~ 65535, in case it worsens an expert will be sent to do it for us.
    • Contact support: leaving this last option we have to solve this problem in our PS5 we have to contact support, because it can be directly our console, which can have a solution for them.

    Knowing how to error code WV-109153-9 and WV-109144-9 is interesting, because it allows us to return to normal with our PS5.

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