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PS5: 4k and 8k Guide

2020-06-10 08:56:41

PS5 compatibility with 4k and 8k quality does it work?

  With the new console of the PlayStation series the question that is most asked by fans is about whether the quality of 4k and 8k is bearable. For that, we must first talk about the components that were officially announced by the company.

Components of the PS5

The PS5 comes with an AMD eight-core (3.5 GHz) and 16-wire processor (based on the Zen 2 architecture) and a graphics chip based on the AMD Radeon Navi card. What does this mean for the console? These components are completely sufficient for smooth 4K gaming.

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    With this mentioned it is to be expected that Sony will bring a lot of gaming with exuberant quality.

    In this case when it comes to 8K technology, developers mention the ability to display the image at this resolution. However, it probably doesn't apply to hard core games.

    Even so, everything points to the fact that in the future we will get a PlayStation 5 Pro with even more powerful components, but for the moment it only remains in the speculation zone.

      As we have already mentioned, the arrival of the new PS5 is something to be excited about, especially for the possible graphics that 4K and 8k quality games can bring us. We look forward to that!

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