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PS4: Why has my profile Avatar disappeared?

2020-02-13 11:57:59

Why my Avatar profile disappeared in PS4 is a question that many players ask themselves, here we have the answer and solution to the problem.

What is the Avatar in PS4?

The avatars are simply our identifiers, and that we get up with the detail of knowing that they have disappeared is really complicated, because this was exactly what some members of GameRevolution have discovered, since they could verify that their PS4N avatars were not, and that now It is only possible to observe a smiling face, this happened when starting the PS4, the detail is that this seems not to be a new topic, since the files on this type of details date from 2016, and it is an error that has a solution Simple enough that we share here.

Why did my Avatar profile disappear in PS4?

We observe this when starting our PS4 because we observe it in our PS4N, and only a smiling face appears within a square icon, this can cause us an immediate discomfort, because it is something that really takes us by surprise. It is important to make clear that this does not mean that our profile has been hacked, although it is possibly the first thing we think of, it is a quick fix problem that has a simple answer and does not affect anything.

How do we recover our Avatar in PS4?

Recovering it simply is an easy process and for this we must follow these steps:

Start the console PS4.
Then highlight and select the activated profile.
Then we proceed to go to the home screen, there we navigate and select the Profile option.
We advance and select Edit profile that is in the list.
We move in order to select the Avatar option.
Then, we select a new one or if we wish we can select the same avatar and finally select Confirm.

With all this process done we can see that it is obviously a simple process to perform, this is an inconvenience that can be a problem but that is present in all regions.

We can conclude our guide of PS4 where we explain exactly why my Avatar profile disappeared, and it really is a very simple problem to solve, try it.

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