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Today we bring a Project Zomboid guide where we will tell you how to find generators.

How to find generators in Project Zomboid?

This is a necessary search that we must carry out and there are several places where it is necessary to go to find them, so we are going to briefly detail how to achieve it.

Choose to search in garages: this is a first alternative to apply to search for generators in Project Zomboid, so it is necessary to go to the Warehouse that is usually located on the outskirts of Riverside, here there are garages that contain containers.

Choose to look for the residential houses: we continue talking about How to find generators and we get another place to visit, for this we can use the map, in this sense, when we reach the residential houses we must go to the garage that these usually have and search in the hope of finding a generator.

 It is good to keep in mind that when you get the generator in Project Zomboid it is necessary to mark it on the map, this is usually done just by pressing "M" and then it will only be enough to use the map tools to find it again.

Moving the generator is another important task and in this guide on How to find generators, we will tell you, in this sense, it is necessary to have the number of 40 storage spaces that can be cleared to achieve it.

In the event that we are interested in moving the generator from one place to another, it is necessary to have a vehicle, this due to the weight that it usually has, however, in the event that we do not have a vehicle, we must take care of marking the generator on the map and for this we must use the tools, only that before doing so it is essential to consider finding some pencils and pens, this is usually easy in Project Zombiod because these can be found in houses or schools, these they can add icons or text to our map.

How to use generators in Project Zomboid?

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    Now that we know how to find generators, it is time to put them to use and for this it is necessary to have:

    An electrician:
    this is a fairly easy option because when we start the game we are allowed to choose an Electrician occupation and if we have chosen it we are fine, in case we have not chosen it we must go through the skills magazine.

    The skills magazine: this is another option that could work for us to use the generators, in this case it is necessary to take care of taking a look at:


    •  Mailboxes.
    • Bookstores.
    • Libraries.


     How to connect a generator to our base in Project Zomboid?

    This game offers us various activities and now that we know how to find generators, it is necessary to connect them, for which we must:


    •  Locate it near our base, but never within it, because we could lose health, as you will understand, the generator expels exhaust gases that are toxic.
    • Placing the spawner outside of the base is our best choice and placing it requires you to right-click on the spawner.
    • Next, we click Connect Generator.
    • We will see that the generator usually feeds our base and it is essential to have fuel in order for it to keep running.
    • The fuel can be collected either from a gas station by going and filling a can through the fuel pump or, alternatively, collecting it from the cars.


     Now that you know how to find generators, it is time to go in search of them and thus use them in our base in Project Zomboid.

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