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Population Zero: How to Get Blue Essence

2020-05-22 12:03:31

In Population Zero there are some interesting materials that we can use, let's see How to Obtain Blue Essence

What is Blue Essence in Zero Population?

This is not more than a necessary material that is somewhat rare, but that is not all because it is also quite complicated to get, implying with it the need to get it if we really want to progress this game, as a requirement that actually represents some risks, to the point that this may turn out to be a deadly task, but we still have to fight to make it transform into a task worth the effort.

How to Get Blue Essence in Zero Population?

One would think that this could not be so complicated since it is written it does not sound like it, but in reality when we get to the action we realize that it is really complex and we cannot choose to let it be `overlooked and continue, because that is not going to To happen because it is necessary to count on it to continue, it is really hard work where extracting the essence of large roots is a crucial objective.

Now, to know how to get Blue Essence it is necessary to go to the secret Biomes E10 and E12 respectively, they are specifically the spaces where we will get the large roots, there it is possible to see large roots and the rarest of all this is what They usually grow on the cliffs or on the hills, it is not necessary to give us a minimal explanation of them, because only when we arrive we will quickly realize.

It is noteworthy that on some occasions it may be that we have some luck and manage to observe them on the ground, this would be somewhat more comfortable since that of the cliffs are quite complex to reach, but this does not mean that it cannot be done, only it can involve a more delicate and even deadly effort.

The blue essence is always found in the biomass of colds, which leads us to consider the use of thermal suits, which seems to us specially conditioned and we do not end up dying, because our body in this type of temperatures brings us a series of inconveniences, that we do not really want or are not going to tolerate because we have a goal set and that is to achieve the essence at all costs.

Definitely, knowing How to get Blue Essence allows us to choose a considerable advance in this game, so it is necessary to take the risk in Population Zero and with this progress.

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