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Pokèmon GO: How to Beat Armored Mewtwo - The Best Counters

2019-07-11 19:16:48

The first time we could see Mewtwo was in the year 1996 and today we can say that it has become an icon of Pokémon GO, despite this many thought that Mewtwo would disappear and only see him again in one or another special event . And in fact they were right, however, it has not gone away completely, because it is Armored Mewtwo who is back and to be able to Beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO you will need more powerful counters.

But you have nothing to ask because in this guide we answer everything, today we are going to tell you how to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO.

How to beat Armored Mewtwo in Pokémon GO.

A good option to beat Armored Mewtwo is Shadow Ball, with this use of ghost-like attacks, they are quite effective. The only thing you will need to do is find out which of all your Pokémon has Shadow Ball, ensure that the character also has a CP and high statistics.

The best team and moves to beat Armored Mewtwo on Pokémon GO are:

Origin Forme Giratina - Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball.

Gengar - Shadow Claw and Shadow Bal.l

Mewtwo - Psycho Cut and Shadow Ball.

Tyranitar - Bite and Cruch.

Honchkrow - Snarl and Dark Pulse.

Scizor - Fury Cutter and X Scissor.

If you take into account what we tell you about the attacks to use against this powerful icon and combine it with the Pokémon that we just mentioned, you will have much advantage, however, you will still need other good trainers, take care of the weather and any other factors that can complicate things

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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