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Find out what all the legendary Pokémon are in this excellent and explanatory Pokémon Unite guide.

What to know about Pokémon Unite?

In this game we can choose between different Pokemon, which come to team up with others seeking to defeat our enemies, the choice that we are making is important, because each of the Pokemon works differently, considering that there are defenders, attackers, multipurpose and more , there are even the legendary ones that we can choose to add the points in our team, we just have to know what all the legendary Pokémon are and for this we will see the following content.

What are All the Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Unite?

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    • Regigigas: in the middle of the game's combat, he is one of the few that appear, you have to beat him to add significant amounts of Aeos points, it should be noted that he has no special effect, and he appears in the Auroma park arena.
    • Zapdos: it is an electric type bird that belongs to the Kanto region, in the center we can also face it and defeat it, which will represent important points in our favor, having vulnerability due to the goal areas of the enemy team.
    • Zeraora: we can get this in the first month of the launch, what we will do is download the game on our Switch or Smartphone to have access to it in the mail, highlighting its use against other trainers on the battlefield.


    In conclusion, knowing about All Legendary Pokémon is excellent, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in Pokémon Unite.

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