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As we progress in Pokemon Unite we are allowed to get different resources, let's see How to get Shell Bell.

What is Shell Bell in Pokemon Unite?

  This is nothing more than a saved object that is an essential part of combat strategy, and that is usually a perfect complement for our favorite creatures, in such a way that knowing how to obtain Shell Bell offers us the opportunity to have an element that can allow us power-ups and passive bonuses with which we are allowed to change the style of play.

How to get Shell Bell in Pokemon Unite?

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    This resource can be obtained in two different ways and they are:


    •  Receive it for free at events for a limited time, which leads us to be attentive to each of these.
    • Have the amount of 1000 Aeos coins or 625 Aeos bills to buy it.


     Once we get the hood it is usually necessary to equip it and for this we must:


    •  Go to the main menu and press X to open the sidebar.
    • Next we must go to "Battle preparation and saved objects".
    • Then we proceed to press the A button to give objects or, failing that, press the X button to change our Pokemon.


     The hood usually has some interesting uses, among which it is usually:


    •  It has the ability to heal us for a minimum of 45 HP each time we make a basic or union movement when hitting an enemy, whether rival or wild.
    • It is usually necessary to consider that the higher the special attack, the more HP we will have to recover.
    • The bell can be improved, in fact this allows to increase the statistic of special attack and therefore allows to accelerate the cooling of our movements.
    • The bell is an object that can well be used by Alolan, Ninetales or Pilkachu.
    • This item can be highly favorable when attackers usually spend most of their time doing Jungling, because this will avoid having to return to the base or healing point.


    We conclude this guide on How to get
    Shell Bell, in such a way that this allows us to have a necessary resource to be able to access the combats in a less complicated way in Pokemon Unite.

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