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Pokemon Unite has more activities for us, and this makes it necessary to explain how to beat Abra.

Who is Abra at Pokemon Unite?

This is nothing more than a wild creature that is quite difficult to get and cultivate, this because by attacking it for a few seconds it will make it run away making things a bit more complicated, in this sense, knowing how to beat Abra makes us have We have to focus on looking for some ways that allow us to find and defeat him, especially considering that it is an important task because this is a psychic-type creature, with it, we are allowed to gain points or EXP.

How to beat Abra in Pokemon Unite?

This is simply quite a difficult task, but we must do it, this makes us have to get involved in some mazes of hedges and conveyor belts, what makes this search more complex is that it runs and flies, in the case of playing on Switch it usually It is necessary to use the analog stick to have a good view, this allows us to see in a comfortable way in which part of the map it may be located, we can guide ourselves with the rectangular green grid on the minimap, in addition this serves to show us the companions who may not be knocked out.
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    It is usually necessary to form a team to be able to attack Abra in Pokemon Unite, this because it is usually housed in the most inappropriate place, such as a conveyor belt, this can make hitting him a more complex matter, in this sense, counting With a team it allows us to attack him by triggering different movements both us and an ally, this allows Abra to be knocked down in a fairly small space of time before he manages to teleport, this technique can be more favorable when we have slow characters, who do not usually unleashing great attacks such as defenders, and that in some way they are a fundamental piece of the team.

    It is good to consider changing an attacker or a sprinter this because knowing how to beat Abra is an arduous task, and it is necessary to take charge of defeating him a total of 10 times, this usually occurs in Auroma Park, which makes a change favorable of Defending or Supporting Pokémon by a Sprinter or Attacker and thus be able to perform this task as quickly as possible, for which it could be favorable to use:

    • All-Rounders.
    • Attackers.
    • Speedsters.

    We end this guide on How to beat Abra, so that you can get involved in this task and with it continue the fun in Pokemon Unite.

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