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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX: How to Auto Dash

2020-01-14 09:39:29

Before the next launch of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX we present a guide about How to Auto Dash.

  Running automatically is one of the functions that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX has available, as this is a functionality that is part of the options presented by this game, because it has a lot to accelerate, fortunately here there is no room to stop before running. Running manually at the end of each aisle can be a tedious activity, but don't worry too much about it, since here we explain how to do it in such a way that it can become a little easier.

How to Auto Dash in the halls of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX?

The first thing you should know is that running through the corridors usually occurs automatically, and this is usually executed in a simple way, since we must be in automatic mode by pressing the L button when we are in the dungeon, if not in the automatic mode, It makes us a bit complex, since this requires pressing the B button in order to move.

 Running automatically brings with it some not so nice details and we will stop at the end of the corridor, this inconvenience being a detail that may have a solution with the automatic script of corridors activated, with the objective of being able to mobilize, since it is evident that playing here it cannot be carried out manually, simply this options is available.

 What are the steps for Auto Dashen Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

Keep in mind that these steps are presented in order to automatically run through each aisle, so that we can accelerate the process, as long as we are playing in automatic mode.

  •  Press X in order to reach the main menu.
  • Move to the right in order to select the Other option and press A to enter.
  • Scroll down to select the Options option.
  • Then press the R button to go to the Basic 2 tab.
  • Then we move down to get to the option Move through the runners in automatic mode.
  • Finally, we choose Dash, for this it is necessary to make use of the analog stick or otherwise the D.pad.

We can finalize our guide hoping that all the information that we leave here about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX will be of help to have knowledge about How to Auto Dash

Nintendo Switch
Spike Chunsoft
The Pokémon Company, Nintendo
Release date:
March 6, 2020

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