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Pokémon Masters: Best Sync Pairs - tips and tricks

2019-08-31 16:59:11

We have prepared a list to show you which are best sync pairs in Pokemon Masters.

Best sync pairs Importance in Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Masters is really a very interesting game, since best sync pairs have the ability to grab and train a considerable amount of characters, they must prepare for combat. Some of the advantages of the characters is that it focuses on the speed of day and night, as well as the role of some characters and the key points to get best sync pair in the game.

The sync pairs primarily focus on the offensive, with any type of attack, be it physical or special attacks, since Strike first collects the glass cannons and has poor health as well as defenses on a medium average.

Best sync pairs available in Pokemon Masters.

  • Sophocles and Togedemaru. This is one of best sync pairs that we can find, since it will walk through different places, and has great agility in terms of speed and attack, because among its abilities it is also evident the fact of causing paralysis to the adversaries, therefore in a pair that can not be missed in Pokemon Masters.
  • Shock Wake and Floatzel: these are based on generating attacks to cause delays in the adversaries when they are in a state of flinch with electricity attacks, so you need to wake up and turn off the fire, if you use Floatzel you will not be for long the defense, and this creates confusion when preparing to hit, it is important, the criticism of your friend, since the fighting is not usually extensive.
  • Olivia and Lycanroc: this is another of best sync pairs, since it is a star power, and has the ability to generate a high physical attack, as well as the possibility of receiving criticism with Stone Edge, this pair is a valuable weapon for most of the fighting, especially if it is at the beginning of the game, and this makes it the most favorable attacker.
  • Agatha and Gengar: this pair is a bit more fragile than Houndoom, because the crossing of words of Gengar and Shadow Ball remains on the same frequency, so you must be alert when you want to build near where she is.
  • Brendan and Treecko: it is an excellent sync pair when it comes to increasing statistics freely, but even so, it has weakness in the defensive form, it is a perfect team in an alignment of good attacks, the gems for this pair are not many and the chances of acquiring stars are minimal.
  • Karen and Houndoom: this is a very good pair, since it is one star. Since Karen is a fabulous attacker and Houndoom is an arduous puncher, perhaps best of fire-type, when these mega evolve they become much more powerful, and hit with more intensity, which makes the statistics of the opponents are reduced, and manage to flinch in Pokemon Masters.

  • Marley and Arcanine. These are a formidable combination of fire, and are available in the game, Arcanine, offers you the opportunity for coaches to disregard status conditions, when they are removed or denied the ability to stand strong or possess the solid speed, as this makes it an interestingly strong selection.
  • Rosa and Serperior: these are a pair to play freely and opt for victory, because Rosa has a tanky grass. Viable element and is perhaps best that is achieved in history, meanwhile, Serperior, has the ability to increase the statistics of teammates, that makes it easy to train, but everything is not perfect, and it Because it has a disadvantage and is that it is highly limited, in relation to the offensive and the speed is too low.
  • Phoebe and Dusclops: these are part of best sync pairs since they are big demons. Dusclops does not really present an offensive but has the ability to live forever, statistics are useful, so this pair should not be left aside. If your plans are to build around a tank, then simply with Dusclops you have a favorable advantage, because it replaces the move Gauge and that's it.
  • Barry and Empelon: this sync pair is perhaps one of the easiest to acquire, because Barry is released when some history missions are completed and he becomes a strong attacker, on the other hand Empelon has some interesting statistics, which makes Be an excellent option when combining attacks, when you face slower opponents, this means that speed can keep the team stable in Pokemon Masters.

Actually, there are a lot of synchronized pairs throughout Pokemon Masters, but the ones mentioned in the list are undoubtedly best synchronized pairs, that is, they are the most feasible and those that can be and be better trained throughout the game ,

Remember that if you get a pokemon that is slow, and does not really generate the way to boost or get offensive skills that are worthwhile, then, best alternative in no doubt replace it, with another that is honestly better, since this alone It generates delay and spam.

We hope that the list we have selected will help you to know how to choose the best sync pairs in Pokemon Masters.

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