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Pokémon HOME: How to access on your Nintendo Switch

2020-02-13 15:43:29

Today we are back for Pokémon HOME and it is to give you a simple explanation about how to access your Nintendo Switch

 The arrival of the Pokémon HOME system brings some striking changes, so knowing how to access your Nintendo Switch is a necessary requirement, since our goal is usually to collect pokemon throughout several games and with this system this can be done from the Nintendo eShop, let's just see in this guide what we will have to do.


How to access the Nintendo eShop?


 To know how to access your Nintendo Switch it is necessary to access the eShop because it is precisely the place where it is necessary to search Pokémon HOME in the search bar, and that is only necessary to write it to appear in the middle of the page, here we will only click on it, in this way we download it with the free download option, then we confirm on our screen, this download is in the library and only lasts a few minutes nothing more, in addition, it is necessary to have some storage space because this download has a 707 MB weight, quite light.

Why go to Pokémon HOME?


 One of the interesting options that are given by these sides is to be clear on how to access your Nintendo Switch, because this can only be done with Pokémon HOME, for this it is important to open the application and getting the basic steps that are detailed here, because they are quite simple , the language configuration is one of these simple processes, in this way we continue until finally reaching the part where we are indicated terms and conditions where we will obviously click on itself, which will lead us directly with Grand Oak, this usually behaves like a tour guide on these sides where we will have the opportunity to talk with him, since this usually lasts a very short time so that we find a pokemon boy, that we can invoke it with the push of the button ”-“ allowing us to redirect to the main screen where we can observe our pokedex as well as several pokemon on these sides.

 Seeing our pokemon in our bank is the first option we can see, and it is here that we can connect with our boxes where we can organize our valuable collection of creatures, on the other hand the pokedex offers us the necessary details about all the pokemon we have with us, and it is interesting because we are given the possibility of dividing them by region, although there is a section of unknown origin, the others are quite common for us and they are:


 To the.

  • Galar
  • Hoenn
  • Johto
  • Kalos
  • Kanto
  • Sinnoh
  • Unova

What are the additional options in Pokémon HOME?


 There are 4 additional options at the bottom of the screen and they are:

 Move: this option allows us to transfer the characters to a Nintendo 3DS game, for this it is necessary to register in the Nintendo eShop and it is not available in the basic plan.

Points: With this option we are allowed to transfer points from one account to another. This may vary depending on how much we have used Pokemon HOME.

Notebook: this book allows us to keep a detailed record of the boxes, the log of visits of the Software and a record about the use of the points.

Options: here we present the help ID of Pokémon HOME and it contains 16 letters, numbers and is divided by hyphens, presetting the settings is only required by pressing the button "", at the time we consider it necessary, it is important to be clear that we can make adjustments to the music and the sound volume, these two being an important part of the system next to the language, the good thing is that we can get it in the current plan because this includes the basic plan and premuim.


Finally, knowing how to access your Nintendo Switch allows us to run the Pokémon HOME system as an important tool for our ce pokemon collection.

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