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Pokemon GO: the List Pokemon that Evolve By Trading

2020-01-14 10:31:03

This time we return with a guide of Pokemon GO in order to indicate the list of Pokémon that evolve through trade

 It should be noted that commercial developments are not a novelty here, because in the red and blue Pokemon, it was quite reflected, since the only way to evolve was with a trade, but still this type of evolution is again presented again, That is why we decided to leave you the list of Pokémon that evolve through trade

What are commercial developments in Pokemon GO?

 These evolutions are simply a specific seal of Pokemon, which has the comfort of ensuring the healthy existence between the trade, because it represents a fairly simple and positive ecosystem, since it has its history that dates from when the Pokemon trainers had the possibility of carrying to the Game Boys to the school and with them their link, whose objective is to be as healthy as possible by getting an exchange between them in a safe way, this being an operation executed from the first incarnation, since commercial developments are not more than a relic of Pokemon.

In this sense, converting the pokemon through a commercial exchange is usually an interesting process, as an example of them is the Machoke, which we can convert into Machamp, and best of all it is without any cost, here is the commercial advantage among all trainers Since the commercial evolution is the cost of the candies that we can use with the objective of achieving a specific evolution, here the traditional methods work well whenever there is the possibility of obtaining a creature through an exchange.


 What are the Pokémon that evolve by trading in Pokemon GO?

 The first thing that we must be clear about is that not all Pokemon have the capacity to evolve through exchanges, so today we leave you the list of Pokemon that evolves through trade, because this makes things easier for you.


  •  Boldore
  • Engraver
  • Gurdurr
  • Haunter
  • Kadabra
  • Karrablast
  • Machoke
  • Shelmet


 Why is it ideal not to make commercial developments only in Pokemon GO?

 It is good not to do it just because we have to have many more candy to achieve the goal, this being a more complex issue and where we should choose because luck accompanies us, since it will be a fairly complex process, however if we have a friend usually give each other more comfortably, because it is only a matter of coordinating ourselves, with the aim of getting creatures to evolve, being a very favorable aspect the candy discount.

 We can aim at our guide of Pokemon GO, because we have already indicated the list of Pokémon that evolve through trade, this being a very big step, so as not to get stuck waiting to find out and that we spend more time than necessary. .

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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