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Pokemon GO Raid: How to Beat Ho-Oh

2019-12-23 12:30:14

We bring in this article all it takes to know how to beat Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO Raid.

  This weekend he has returned in Pokémon GO Raid Ho-Oh and Lugia, our challenge will be to beat them, but it is important that we have many things, one is that Pokemon can help us How to beat Ho-Oh, being the ideal with the best movements that allow us to win, so that we have more details, it will be good that we see the following content that we will cover in this article.

What should we know to beat Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO Raid?

  Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokemon, which we will have the opportunity to face so many of this type throughout the game, being an important challenge to test our movements and see how powerful we can be, in this raid any Pokemon can be an advantage useful, but it is good to have the right one to face these challenges, so that we have more details of the battle on this occasion let's move on.

How to beat Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO Raid?

 Against this legendary Pokemon we have that Rock-ipe movements will be the key to success, since we can cause double damage and thus win the raid quickly, taking into account how important the movement is, it is good to consider a major advantage that a specific pokemon could bring us, the best team for this battle will be, Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge, Rhyperior with the same as Tyranitar and Regirock with Rock Throw and Stone Edge, if in some way we did not achieve the challenge Regirock, we will be able to complement with Rampardos, Terrakion, Aerodactyl and Golem.

 The result that we are going to have once we complete the raid is the challenge of capturing Ho.Oh, which has a capture loss of 2 percent, another possibility with 100 percent capture is its brilliant version, it will be good if we achieve capture it, since we can use it in different situations, such as raids and battles in general, highlighting that it is not possible to defend a gym with legendary pokemon, we certainly have that Ho-Oh does not have such high attacking abilities, it is a little behind some such as Moltres, Blaziken and Chamdelure, the best movements we can do with Ho-Oh are the hidden power, the explosion of fire, brave bird or sunray.

We conclude this article, in which the necessary explanation was sustained to know how to beat Ho-Oh in Pokémon GO Raid, these indications will lead us to complete this challenge without problems and we hope that it is of understanding and useful.

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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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