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If you want to know how to get Nanab Berries in Pokémon GO, don't worry, we've got you covered.

What are Nanab berries in Pokémon GO?

It is a berry with a very practical use and what it basically does is calm a Pokémon when it is captured, making it move less and be much easier to catch. So it will be worth knowing how to get Nanab berries.

How to get Nanab berries in Pokémon GO?

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    These berries can be obtained by turning the signs on the gyms and the PokéStops from level 4. For this you will have to trust the old RNG.

    Another slightly rarer way is by completing some field research assignments.

    Another way to get these berries is as a reward for leveling up. If you are a newer player, this is to your advantage, which will be easier and faster for you at a lower level.

    Now that you know how to obtain Nanab berries in Pokémon GO ?, you should get this resource much faster, especially considering all the benefit you can get from it when capturing Pokémon.

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