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Pokémon Go: How to catch clone Pikachu

2020-02-26 12:33:47

Clones can be interesting creatures in Pokémon Go we invite you to have knowledge about how to catch the Pikachu clone

  In this game we are offered the possibility of cloning some pokemon such as Blastoide, Venasaur or Charizard which can be found with some four star incursions coinciding with the celebration of the launch of Pokemon Mewtwo Strike Back - Evolution to Netflix only that the Pikachu clone is usually a bit more complex.

How to clone Pikachu in Pokémon Go0?

To execute this task it is necessary to open the Pokemon GO application and select a creature trapped in this case Pikachu and when you are looking at the profile take a picture here we present this option on the right side of the screen we will take all the photos as possible so that finally the photo of pikachu comes out and with it make this clone.

How to catch the Pikachu clone in Pokémon Go?

Once we have taken the photo we already have the Pikachu clone and it is precisely here where we must change the main map where the clone of this creature has spawned and we have the possibility of being able to capture them in a simple way using some other pokemon in this game And the good thing is that we will not have to fight with them as with the previous clones. These clones have the opportunity to capture them from February 25 until March 2, which implies a considerable time limit to carry it out.

Capturing all the Pikachu clones really becomes a very interesting activity for these sides, it is also good to keep in mind that on March 1 between 2 and 5 in the afternoon there will be an opportunity to get an Armored Mewtwo attack there we will have to Do everything you can to try to tear it down, because it is very important to make it part of our collection in a game as precious and as valued as Pokemon Go is.

You know how to catch the Pikachu clone in Pokémon Go just dedicate yourself to do it in this time that has been given to us, because the idea is that it is part of us, besides being easy to capture.

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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