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Pokémon GO: How to beat Giovanni

2020-01-03 12:00:34

A new search for Pokémon GO to start the year in the best way and in this we will tell you how to find and beat Giovanni.

Who is Giovanni in Pokémon GO?

Before knowing how to find and beat Giovanni, you have to know that this is the leader who handles all the threads behind Team GO Rocket.

How to find and beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO?

Something very important that you have to keep in mind about how to find and beat Giovanni is that you can only face him once a month, so you have plenty of time to prepare and be ready to face him.

But before this happens you will have to progress in the Special Investigation event called A problematic situation and then in the shadow. This will allow you to face several Team GO Rocket Grunts and three different Team GO Rocket leaders, at one point you will be asked to defeat the three leaders who were once called Arlo, Cliff and Sierra.

Finish with them to get a Super Rocket Radar, quite similar to the Rocket Radar you use to locate the leaders of Team GO Rocket. You will use the Super Rocket Radar to find Giovanni, but some Rocket Grunts disguised themselves as fake Giovannis, so you'll have to go to PokéStops to find out what the real Giovanni looks like.

How to beat The Battle of Giovanni in Pokémon GO?

This is where knowing how to find and beat Giovanni becomes more than important because we are close to the battle.

If you manage to establish having problems with Arlo, Cliff or Sierra, you could meet Giovanni and face him, but it will be one of the toughest Pokémon GO battles, best of all, this will allow you to find the Shadow Pokémon.

Keep in mind that Giovanni's first Pokémon remains the same every month, but the second and third options change constantly with each month. This means that when fighting with him in December and January, he will look different in the second battle.

In the first battle the first Pokémon they have to face is Giovanni's Persian, so we recommend using a Fight-type Pokémon, his second option may be Cloyster is a type of water and ice, Kangaskhan is a normal type or Garchomp is a dragon and a type of land, where Garchomp is the most difficult of the last three.

You could escape using your type of first-round fight to defeat Kangaskhan and Cloyster, but surviving both fights is a bit impossible, so your second Pokémon will depend more on the third Pokémon Giovanni uses, which rotates every month.

Giovanni's option for January is Moltres, a Fire and Flying Pokémon. Here you can use a rock type for your second in Garchomp and Kangaskhan but there will be a good chance that Cloyster will finish you.

So do it calmly and have faith in the defensive Pokémon with very good endurance and attack power to quickly end this Pokémon GO enemy.

  This is all you need to know about how to find and beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO, we are clear that it is not a simple battle but it is not precisely impossible, so we hope you can end this Pokémon as soon as possible. If you are looking for more content about Pokémon GO we recommend you check our previous guide where we have many interesting for you.

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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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