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Pokemon Go: How to Catch a Ditto - tips and tricks

2019-09-04 16:44:34

We have prepared for you a sensational guide where we will explain how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go.

First of all it is important to be clear that the way to know how to catch a Ditto is usually displayed on the map, although if you catch a correct Pokemon, this could be a way to get a Ditto, you must be clear that this Pokemon is not going to appear so easily, because you can get some imitations, so watch for when you catch one in the pokeball and you are shown that a Ditto is made.

To know how to catch a Ditto it is important to know where to find it in Pokemon Go.

Actually they can be obtained in almost all places, as Niantic has done its job, to make the majority of the pokemon can be transformed into Ditto, although you must also grab the imitators, because, where there are several of them there could be a Ditto in Pokemon Go, but if you don't find it quickly, at least you'll get experience with the impersonators that you can catch.

Missions needed to know how to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Go.

Perhaps the easiest way to catch a Ditto is to carry out some mission, for example, some field research had previously been carried out, and they generated a Ditto as a prize, because, according to the launches you make if they are perfect, they rewarded you with a battle against a pidgey, and this turned out to be an idem, meanwhile, these missions are now constantly changing, that is, monthly, so you should be alert to the information, if what you want is to really know what they are for this month , just take a walk for the prize in January 2019, when you are in the Reddit thread.

How to catch a Ditto? List of movements in Pokemon Go.

In Pokemon Go, there are 2 specific movements and they are the first used to transform and the second generates the attraction of Ditto, so you must use this movement to become the pokemon with which you keep fighting at this time, in this way you achieve get a group of movements, which will be included in the fight, which is in itself a movement of the most normal, and a bit smooth, because, in reality it does not generate practically any damage, so you probably do not want to use it much, since It will be practically transformed 99 of his time.

When you get a Ditto to transform into another Pokemon, it generally maintains its own levels of vitality, so look for ways to review in detail the numbers of the Pokemon as well as how it is transformed, together with the movements and types, so, if you have a Ditto of a somewhat higher level than the Pokemon in which you have become, because simply your CP, will be reflected with more elevation in relation to the pokemon with which you are fighting.

Now, the best option officially presented to us to catch a Ditto is simply looking for Field Research, although not all the time is viable, so do not go the easiest way and go out to catch several common Pokemon , since they appear on Ditto's list of imitations, so you just need to exercise a little and go out to grab several mass Pokemon inside Pokemon Go.

The importance of catching a Ditto is sensational, because it throws a number of special missions, Let's GO, Meltan, in a step 3 of 9, you need to catch an idem, this in itself is only part of the specific search, on the other hand it is It is important to get a way to win at least about 2 Gym fights, as well as about 2 raids in Pokemon Go, as you will see the Ditto part, it is really quite complex, therefore it is important not to run much, when you are trying to catch one.

In general terms, there are several options proposed for you to know how to catch a Ditto, because you only have the level of patience and perseverance with which they have in Pokemon Go, because wasting time is not an option, since these imitations are the same as those Pokemon They will be worth it, because the experience in the game is also essential.

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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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