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Pokemon GO: How to Catch Whismur - Jirachi Research guide

2019-09-30 05:59:09

In Pokémon GO there are many new things to learn, through this guide we will tell you how to catch Whismur, we hope to be of your help, follow our advice below.

If you play Pokémon GO, you have to know that special research missions, are the way you can get the strangest Pokemon of this game, it is important that you know that the mythical Pokemon Go can only be won when you have completed several research tasks special, however there is a task that becomes somewhat complicated, here we will tell you how to catch Whismur.

How to catch Whismur in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO you will have to get a Pokémon called Whismur, nowadays it has become one of the most difficult to get, and it will make you have very serious difficulties to move on to the next task of the game. Unfortunately you will not get a reliable way to catch Whismur, however we hope that the generation of this type of Pokémon increases in the future.

Now you know that there is no certain way to catch Whismur, as we know this game is in the middle of the World Tourism Day event, unfortunately the incorporation of Pokémon Gen 5, has made it more difficult to get the Whismur. It is very important to know that in some event the game will stop generating Pokemon Gen 5, this would give the option to generate Whismur, and in this way you can get them.

Thank you for always being with us, we hope that our guide has been of help in Pokémon GO, now you know that the option of how to catch Whismur, so far it is not very possible, hopefully they will be generated soon and so you can get them more Quick.

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