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Pokémon Go: Adventure Week Egg - Tips

2019-06-05 16:57:29

For you Pokémon Go fan, get all the tips about the Adventure Week Egg.

In Pokémon Go, the augmented reality video game based on the location developed by Niantic brings us something new. It is about the Adventure Week Egg. Continue reading to discover more details.

Pokémon Go has Eggs that you can find and hatch, since they require that you cover a certain distance before they leave. As usual, every time you start a special event, new Pokémon are added to the usual groups of Eggs. And Adventure Week is no exception, as a lot of Pokémon Fossils and Pokémon Rock have been added.

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    Eggs Adventure Week in Pokémon Go

    In Pokémon Go there are four kinds of Eggs, however, the only ones that have been modified for the Adventure Week are the 2 km class. Which indicates that the most common eggs of all have had some new Pokémon added to the mix, adjusting to the theme of the Week of the Adventure of the Eggs.

    How to get more Eggs?

    You should visit Poké stops around the world and turn them around, in doing so you could get an egg. Once this is done, you must place it in an incubator and take a long walk, upon reaching the required distance you will be notified that the Egg is incubating and after that, you will have a new Pokémon in your collection.

    Next we will show you all the Pokémon that have been added thanks to the Adventure Week Egg:

    - Anorito
    - Cranidos
    - Geodude
    - Kabuto
    - Larvitar
    - Lilep
    - Nosepass
    - Omanyte
    - Rhyhorn
    - Shieldon
    - Shuckle