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The world of Pokemon Cafe Mix brings us a lot of fun, so it is necessary to know how to obtain golden acorns

What are the golden acorns used for in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

Pokemon Café Mix has recently come out and this allows us to have the golden acorns whose use is highly useful and serves to get some interesting effects such as resistance, since it is possible to get them by buying them in the in-app store only that there is no discount for this, because the only thing they really do not serve is to get new creatures.

How to get golden acorns at Pokemon Cafe Mix?

There are two ways to get them, it can be free playing or simply buying them. Obtaining them for free requires solving puzzles but this is also usually quite complex because it requires doing it in fewer turns, as this brings with it the possibility of completing the challenges of the daily seal board since this allows us to win from 1000 to 1500 gold acorns as soon as we can complete 3 challenges, so if we set our mind to it, it won't be very complicated.

The option to buy the golden acorns is also feasible and you just have to have some money to access the Pokemon Café Mix store and here we leave you its value


  •  Count on $ 1.12 to buy a total of 1,200 acorns.
  • Count on $ 5.70 to buy 6,100 acorns.
  • Count on $ 11.39 to buy 12,200 acorns.
  • Count on $ 22.79 to opt for 24,000 acorns.

 With this we can end the guide on How to get golden acorns, and in this way continue our work to get interesting effects in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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