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Planet Zoo: How to manage a zoo - Beginner’s Guide

2019-11-06 13:07:48

 The content that we will see in this opportunity will be a Beginner's Guide to know How to manage a zoo in Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo is a zoo management simulation game with all modern facilities and enclosures, in which we will have many animals of all kinds, it is good to know how to manage a zoo and for it we will have this Beginner's Guide to help us know the guidelines we must follow to do the best possible in this task that we will perform.

 Why is it important to know how to manage a zoo in Planet Zoo?

  It is of great importance to have the knowledge to have a fully functional zoo, which is efficient for us, workers and visitors, we must consider all possible options to achieve and maintain it in the long term, we will seek to increase our possibilities and for this a Beginner's Guide will be very helpful to meet the expectations in Planet Zoo.

 How to manage a zoo (Beginners Guide) in Planet Zoo?

  To know how to manage a zoo we will have a Beginner's Guide to help us do it.

Beginners Guide (Hire Staff) in Planet Zoo.

  The staff will be essential for the zoo to remain in operation, we will find several types of staff that we must employ, to care for animals and make exhibitions that we have in our zoo, it is important to train staff so that they have better performance in their work, representing an increase in expenses and salaries, but in the long term will see the fruits of investment.

  The maintenance of the zoo is fundamental for what for this area will be important that we have staff, what will lead to keep the zoo clean, caring for the animals is also important, will be another area that we must cover with the necessary staff for this work, the mechanics who are responsible for the control of the zoo and make repairs where necessary, veterinarians for animals, are of great importance because there is the possibility that suffer some kind of lesson or affection animals that will require treatment and medical care, there are other tasks that we must take into account but are a little lesser as the sale of food and drink for visitors.

 Beginner's Guide (Building Facilities) in Planet Zoo

  It is important that our personnel can count on the facilities, we will have many options to cover this, but it will depend on the financial options we have, we must manage the money in the best way to not run out of anything at the beginning of the game, it is possible that we have one and maximum two facilities, what must be a building for the personnel, one for quarantine, a commercial center and a cabin, these will be the priority for weapons a good facilities, if we have more money we will add a veterinary surgery center, because it will be normal that our animals are hurt in occasions.

  Having covered the primary facilities, we must think of our guests who can help us, such as food stalls, restrooms and store items, but these facilities will be secondary, it is important and have income to make them.

  Beginners Guide (Spend money on important things) in Planet Zoo

  We must be careful at the time of spending our money, the things of greater importance in which to use the money are in the suitable animals, facilities, personnel and some articles, in the case of the animals, we will find that they exist several types to buy, the prices will be different according to each type of animal, as we are beginning in the game, the ideal is that we buy those of lower cost to have more variety to begin, the exotic ones are more expensive, having greater variety caused impression in the visitors.

  In the moment that we go to buy the animals it will be ideal to acquire a pair of 3 species to begin, if it costs us to choose which, we will go for ostriches, wild boars or turtles, they will be of low cost, they will be good for that our visitors are pleased, being these animals ideal for the recently constructed zoo, only that these species will not generate profits if they are sold.

Beginner's Guide (Building Enclosures) in Planet Zoo

  The enclosure for animals already purchased, are the areas to keep animals inside and visible to our visitors, our zoo is new, so it will be better to have enclosures near the entrance and thus not force those who visit us to walk long distances, which would facilitate access and visibility in a more comfortable way.

  We must take into account the type of enclosure that may require each type of animal we have, for some animals we can not use any type of go, as this can be a risk of escape, we also have to place fences that allow the necessary visibility for people visiting the zoo, one advantage will be that we place them along the trails where visitors walk, for animals like elephants or heavier it will be important that the fences are stronger and higher, as we must prevent them from wanting to leave, the barriers will also play an important role here, as they will keep them away.

 Beginner's Guide (Managing Energy and Water Treatment) in Planet Zoo

  The source of energy will be of great importance for each one of the facilities that we have in our zoo, the transformers will be necessary to feed the buildings, at the moment of buying a transformer of power, we will notice that area will cover before placing them.

  The water will be required in each of the enclosures of our animals, so it will be important that the body of water in a habitat has its treatment, so this will mean that our animals will remain healthy and the water will be clean, for that reason a water treatment we must have in our zoo.

  With this Beginner's Guide we will know how to administer a zoo in Planet Zoo without any problems, the important thing will be to take into account these recommendations to cover everything in the most exact and correct way.

We end with the guide, emphasizing once again that its content should be able to help us how to manage a zoo through the Beginner's Guide in Planet Zoo, is expected to be useful and meet expectations.

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