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Planet Zoo: How to get a Komodo

2019-11-06 12:33:54

We will find in this guide everything we need to know about how to get a Komodo in Planet Zoo.

  In Plante Zoo we will encounter many animals, for the Deluxe Digital Edition we will find that it brings several animals, in which are the Komodo Dragon, Gazelles and a Hippopotamus, however accessing them will represent a problem, to solve this we will see that It will tell us the following content of this guide.

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    What should we know to get a Komodo in Planet Zoo?

     It is certainly assumed that the Digital Deluxe Edition brings the Komodo, but there is a problem that this edition does not download completely, causing the animals that it brings with it not to appear in the game and that includes our animal in question, for this We must look for how to perform this download until the end and be able to install.

     How to get a Komodo in Planet Zoo?

     The main key for us to obtain a Komodo is that we install Digital Deluxe content, if so we will find a DLC in the same link as the other animals that are in the game, in Animal Trading, it is good that we know that for some missions These animals may not be available for tutoring, now if for some reason we do not find the animals of the DCL, it means that it is likely to present another error.

     In the Zoopedia that is in the upper left, the icon of a small leg, we will check if our Komodo are in the list, if not in the list, this is because it is already an error that usually occurs consequently, so there will be no certainty of knowing if our animal is since we do not have a fixed player, what we can do is wait for a solution from Frontier Developments.

    So we reached the end of the guide, which was intended to explain how to get a Komodo in Planet Zoo, we hope this content is helpful.

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