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Planet Zoo: How to Exhibits Animals

2019-11-06 13:28:30

How to Exhibits animals in Planet Zoo is something that many are trying to understand, the game has just begun and we will clarify all the doubts here.

  There are many related to animals and exhibits within the game, the developers do not explain some things well and others do not even explain them, so we decided to prepare this guide by collecting several tricks, tips and other details that you will need to know to be able to exhibit animals in Planet Zoo.

Exhibits animals in Planet Zoo.

   To be able to exhibit animals you will need to have exhibition animals which you can buy, these come with precontents in large glass terrariums, they are composed of delicate small animals that need certain conditions to be able to live.

How to customize terrariums to Exhibits animals in Planet Zoo.

 When you buy the animal, the terrarium you receive is quite varied, outside some plants it is simply a glass box. However, as you research you can unlock new items to customize the animals' terrarium, such as heat lamps, branches and more.

  Some animals more than customization, will require specific living conditions, both specific temperatures and humidity levels and many times you will have to invest.


 What animals can be Exhibited in Planet Zoo.

  •  Lesser Antillean Iguana.
  • Titan beetle.
  • Yellow Anaconda,
  • Boa constrictor.
  • Brazilian wandering spider.
  • Giant scorpion of the forest.
  • Goliath Frog.
  • Green Iguana.
  • Lehmann's poison frog.
  • Giant Snail from the Land of the Tiger.
  • Golden Poison Frog.
  • Goliath Birdeater.

What is needed to Exhibits animals in Planet Zoo.

 Actually each animal has its own requirements and they will depend a lot on the type of terrain they need, everything will be on the tabs of the animal's information screen every time you press on them allowing you to monitor the amount of land or grass that you have already added to some habitat .

 In case your animal is aquatic and not terrestrial you will have to use the ground tool to dig a hole and fill it with water with the corresponding tool.

 When using the water tool if the ring is blue it indicates how high the water can be and if it is red, it means that there is something preventing you from placing the water.

How to use fences to display animals in Planet Zoo.

  The fences have a certain shared function, they allow the animal to be within a certain space and in turn, allows visitors to see the animals safely. It is necessary to choose the right material for the type of animal that we are going to find, for example, turtles, gavials, peacocks and other smaller creatures that cannot jump over those with which you can use a wooden fence, unlike the animals that do jump, they will need higher fences.

 To lift a fence you will have to have already played the first campaign, then you will have to press on the fence and press where it says "Edit Barrier" to modify it as necessary.

 You can also select the arrow pointing sidways and take it around the fence to select everything, the arrow pointing up will allow you to increase its height. The standard height that we recommend to keep everywhere is 4 meters to prevent anything from jumping.

 If you want to build a square habitat you can align the grid and place the fence in the marked area.

How to use shelters to display animals in Planet Zoo.

 The shelters do not have much explanation, these are spaces where animals can hide to hide from visitors, the weather or to rest just.

 If you have many animals within the same habitat, it is not too much to build several shelters, this will avoid disputes between them, the requirements of these can be reviewed in the Terrain tab. You can build them using prefabricated blue prints, or build one from scratch using rocks and other materials.

How enrichment works by displaying animals in Planet Zoo.

   The elements of enrichment do not refer to money, but to toys and elements that will entertain your animals making you happier. In the Enrichment Elements section you can check for which animals each element works, many animals can even share the same.

  Now that you know how to display animals in Planet Zoo you are more than ready to take the reins alone, we hope that our guide has been very useful for you and that you can take advantage of the game now that it has just been released.

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