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Planet Zoo: How to Avoid A Stressed Pangolin

2019-11-27 13:02:58

The purpose of this guide is to help us know all the answers to How to Avoid a Stressed Pangolin in Planet Zoo.

 One of the first animals that we might add in our zoo in Planet Zoo could be the Chinese Pangolin, which has the scientific name Manis Pentadactyla, which raises many questions, which we will answer in this guide and we will know how to avoid a stressed pangolin.

What should we know about pangolin stressed in Planet Zoo?

 As time passed, our zoo was able to reach a very considerable number of visitors, so much so that the animals went to the extremes of being scared, one of these is the pangolin, which we discovered was stressed and seeks to hide, which led us to be confused at some point, which led us to study the situation and the flaws were in the welfare, which was low level.

How to avoid a stressed pangolin in Planet Zoo?

 This attitude that has the pangolin may be due to the zoopedia that these are very shy, certainly they do not like to be seen, as it generates stress, in the same way that a predator harasses his prey, at some point it is possible that we think it is something else, as a problem of enrichment, this must be discarded because the solution this will not provide the necessary help because the problem is different, which can help our friend the pangolin are good barriers correct.

 The barriers should be concrete, in addition, with windows in a single direction, so that this way the animal can not feel observed and feel stressed, therefore these are the measures indicated if we come to have a Chinese pangolin in our zoo.

 We come to the end of the guide, giving the importance that merits this explanation, how to avoid a stressed pangolin in Planet Zoo, we hope that readers help each other with this content.

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