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PixARK: How to Tame Gargoyle

2019-06-07 20:52:17

For some time the level of popularity of PixARK, the video game of action - adventure, horror of survival and construction developed by Snail Games Usa, is receiving more new users than usual. And many of the new Pixark players have been wondering how to tame a gargoyle.

This is why we have decided to prepare a Pixark guide, in which we will tell you in detail but quickly how to tame a gargoyle in this charming game that reminds us of a titulillo there.

How to tame a gargoyle in PixARK.

Before taming a gargoyle in, first we recommend tame a Pteranodon in PixARK. Pteranodon besides taking you to several places, it will be useful to escape the angry gargoyle the first time he sees you.

At level 15 you can design a basic bow and arrows, which is the only type of weapon that can knock down an extremely cautious Pteranodon.

Once it falls, feed it with meat to finish taming it.

Once you have a Pteranodon and have your arrows and your bow, you can go domesticate a pixark gargoyle.

Head to the Magic Forest and fly over the hills, looking for statues of stone gargoyles.

Do not worry, they are quite slow, so fleeing will not be complicated.

When you reach a safe distance, you can shoot a Gargoyle with your dream arrows until it falls to the ground. Once again, feed it with meat and you are ready, you will have tamed a gargoyle in PixARK.

GARGOYLE TAMING! - Let's Play PixARK Gameplay