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Searches continue at Phasmophobia which allows us to tell you where to find the ouija board.

What is the ouija board in Phasmophobia?

This is nothing more than an object that is usually present in the game and whose purpose is to help us in ghost hunts, in such a way that knowing where to find the ouija board embarks us on a necessary search for a supernatural device that will be favorable to sustain a type of communication with a ghost.

Where to find the ouija board in Phasmophobia?

It is good to keep in mind that this object usually appears randomly on the map, it is necessary to have to interact with it once it has been found through a board with which we are allowed to converse with the ghost, in this sense, we must proceed to ask the following questions:

Age-related questions.

  • How old are you / what is your age?
  • Are you old / young?

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    Questions related to death.

    • How long have you been dead?
    • How many years ago did you die / When did you die?
    • How long have you been here?

    Location related questions.

    • Where are you?
    • What is your favorite room?
    • Where is your room?
    • Are you here / near?
    • You are close?
    • You are close?

    Questions related to the room.

    • How many people are in this room / How many people are here?
    • How many ghosts are in this room?
    • Are you / are we alone?
    • Who is in this room?

    Questions related to the victims.

    • Who have you killed / who has died?
    • Who is your victim?
    • What is the name of the person you have killed / murdered?
    • Did you murder someone?

    It is vital to bear in mind that these questions are usually asked now that we know where to find the ouija board, and they must be as clear as possible, in this sense, it is necessary to be careful that we are the only ones who are talking, once we have After the interaction with the table in Phasmophobia, we can have others use the table and go back to the van to take the pills in order to regain sanity.

    In this sense, knowing where to find the ouija board allows us to take care of making use of a communication instrument in Phasmophobia.

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