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In the Phasmophobia universe we have many tasks, one of them is where to find the Jason Voorhees mask and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about Phasmophobia?

With the arrival of the Nightmare update we have added 4 different ghosts and the difficulty mode with the same name, we find Maple Lodge Cmpsite, which consists of a fairly wide and open place that prevents us from hiding easily from ghosts, here we must focus on solving the location of the Jason Voorhees mask and we orient ourselves with the following details in this guide, we are going to see them.

Where to find the Jason Voorhees mask in Phasmophobia?

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    We will find this at the mape lodge camping, this terrifying character is a popular terror antagonist, which ended up very badly at the Crystal Lake camp, his mask we will be able to find in Maple Lodge, walking at the end of the pier near a chair and refrigerator, from the bottom of the lake we will see that the mask rises to float in the water this turns out to be a special reward, which suggests that the ghost of Jason can be found in the area wandering.

      Now that you know where to find the Jason Voorhees mask, just go ahead and continue your progress and fun in Phasmophobia.

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