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With our Phasmophobia guide you will learn more about the Tarot card guide.

What to know about the Tarot cards in Phasmophobia?

It is a boat that brings with it a pack of 10 unique cards, where each one brings with it random effects, ranging from forcing a ghost to interact with an object getting it to move or even generate effects on teammates, going on to face supernatural activities that it should not face, it is a negative effect similar to other cursed objects, our sanity is drained with these effects, it is ideal that we take into account this Tarot cards guide, then let's see what follows next.


How do the Taron cards work in Phasmophobia?

The effects of the cards are very negative, these occur randomly, we can force the ghost to attack, to drain other members of our team or even cause our death, then in this guide to the Tarot cards we have the details of the 10 cards that we can use the maso with their respective effects:

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    • Death: causing the ghost hunt
    • The devil: the ghost manifests itself
    • The fool: the card used before is repeated
    • The hanged man: kills us instantly
    • The hermit: prevents ghosts from doing activities for a short time
    • The moon: makes us all lose our sanity
    • The priestess: revives a dead companion
    • The sun: improves everyone's sanity
    • The tower: gives great strength to the activity of the ghosts
    • The wheel of fortune: you lose 25 sanity if it burns red and 25 sanity if it burns green.


    We can conclude that knowing the necessary details in this guide to the Tarot cards allows us to be better prepared for the disadvantages that they generate when used in Phasmophobia.

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