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If you want to know how to play with the spirit box in Phasmophobia, it is great because you are in the right place, here we have covered all the details.

What is the spirit box in Phasmophobia?

It is a tool that is very useful, with which it will allow us to establish communication with the dead, so it is ideal that to do so we know how to play with the spirit box and that is what this guide offers us in its content, let's see it continuation.
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    How to play with the spirit box in Phasmophobia?

    With the right button of the mouse we can use the spirit box, only that it is required to be in a room where there is a ghost or at least its existence is suspicious, what we will do is turn off the lights, if everything emits light, then we have to ask 3 types of questions, in turn place the spirit box on the ground so that it does its function, being at a distance of 3 meters near it, then it is necessary to mention some phrases so that the ghost give us an answer in Phasmophobia, if there is no answer it may be necessary for us to be totally alone in the room, considering that this may require several attempts, because errors may occur, if in the pop-up window we see that it indicates not detected, It is possible that the ghost is very retired despite the fact that the game emitted our voice, in which case we must look for other areas of the place until we get it, with this we learn how to play with the spirit box.

    It is appropriate to consider the series of questions that we can use the location of the ghost in a room in a specific way, which allows receiving answers from it, these questions are the following:


    •  Are you here?
    • You are with us?
    • Is there anyone with us?
    • Anyone here?
    • Is there anybody in the room?
    • Where are you?
    • You are close?
    • Can you show yourself?
    • Give us a sign.
    • Let us know that you are here.
    • Show yourself.
    • What is your location?
    • Anyone here?
    • Is there a spirit here?
    • Is there a ghost here?
    • Speak with us.
    • Do you want us to go?
    • What should we do?
    • We can help?
    • Something wrong?
    • He is friendly?
    • What do you want?
    • Why are you here?
    • Do you want to hurt us?
    • You're angry?
    • Do you want us here?
    • Let's go?
    • We must go?
    • You can talk?
    • You're a child?
    • You are older?
    • You're young?
    • When you were born?
    • You're a child?
    • How old are you?
    • How old you?
    • How old you?


     Depending on what we ask we can get the answer, but it all depends on how close we are to the ghost, even the use of objects can be of great help.

     So we finished our guide on How to play with the spirit box, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as moved as Phasmophobia.

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