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One of the most interesting tasks in Phasmophobia is knowing how to earn more money, let's see.

Why is it necessary to get more money in Phasmophobia?

  This is undoubtedly a task of vital interest, because in this game we have some amount of equipment that can be extremely expensive, since there are some tests and objects that allow us to choose to carry out searches and hunts only that the only way to achieving is counting on a large sum of money.
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    How to earn more money in Phasmophobia?

     One of the elements necessary to get money is the camera, as it is necessary to take some photos that serve as evidence to get money, this is simply a complex enough task, because we are facing a somewhat hostile environment, but if it becomes fundamental to give it its respective use in hunting, which allows us to choose to get money, which when we are starting the game we simply have some kind of deficiency.

     Recovering money is simply a necessary task since in a way it is vital to spend it on acquiring the necessary equipment to continue in the game, because dying is an interesting option, since doing it while in amateur difficulty allows us to have the opportunity to get the minus 50 percent of the total cost of objects, in addition every time we take a photo it will be necessary to take a look at our diary to see if it may or may not be labeled in such a way that by being so it is possible to get money.

     What are the things we can photograph to get more money in Phasmophobia?

     Knowing how to earn more money in this game allows us to take some photo shots of certain objects such as:


    •  Footprints.
    • Fingerprints.
    • Dead body killed by a ghost.
    • Ouija boards.
    • Bone.
    • Voodoo dolls.
    • Dirty water
    • Ghosts


    Now that you know how to earn more money, it is simply time to proceed to photograph as much as we can and thus get more equipment in Phasmophobia.

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