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Phasmophobia has managed to get us involved in an interesting game, but today it is necessary to tell you How to fix steam authentication failed.

What is the cause of the Steam Authentication Failed error on Phasmophobia?

This is a failure that can occur either due to a problem with the Steam client or simply because the servers of this game are down, what we must bear in mind is that it is necessary to know how to fix steam authentication failed because this brings us some drawbacks, and it does not let us enjoy all the terror that this game brings to us, and for this we will offer you some solutions that you can apply to continue playing normally.

How to fix steam authentication failed on Phasmophobia?

Take a look at the Phasmophobia servers: this is the first action that we must execute, because sometimes they are usually down, and we do not realize it, for this it is vital to corroborate it first and this will only make us move to the Downdetector website.
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    Choose to restart Steam: this is another action that we can perfectly well apply, since there is a possibility that the game has been updated and therefore this usually causes us some inconvenience to connect to the servers.

    Clear the Steam cache:
    this is another method that we can well apply and for this it is necessary:

    • Launch Steam
    • Go to "Settings"
    • Then to "Downloads tab"
    • We proceed to "Clear download cache"
    • We press Ok and then we start the game.

    Verify the integrity of the game files: this is an important action and is usually executed when some other actions do not work, however, if we see that there is no favorable response, it is simply a server problem and for this we must wait a bit.

    Definitely, knowing how to fix steam authentication failed allows us to have the possibility to continue enjoying Phasmophobia.

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