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Everything you need to know about accomplice ending guide at Persona 4 Golden

With the release of person 4 on Steam, many people have had the opportunity to play Persona 4 Golden, what some players may not know is that there are many different endings that players can get the choices they have made throughout their game, so we will teach you in this guide of the end of accomplices everything you need to know.

Accomplice ending guide in Persona 4 Golden

ATTENTION: this guide may contain spoilers for the game.

As we already mentioned, there is a final complicit final title, where it allows players to abandon their efforts to stop the serial killer who uses the world of television to kill their victims and, instead, unite with them.

To start the route towards the end of the accomplice, you can start after May 13. Then you can start the arcane Jester's social bond with Tohru Adachi, which you can find at the Junes entry.

We recommend following this social link up to rank 6. Once this is done, players may notice that Adachi will no longer be available to continue with social links. However, the social link is now available to rank normally through story events like the arcane Star social link.
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    To reach Rank 7, players must complete the Heaven dungeon. The social link will be automatically uploaded later. Rank 8 is also automatically modified on December 3. The big deciding factor for this finale will come December 5. When deciding on a culprit for the murders, this point must choose Tohru Adachi as a character.

    This will take you to March 20 and they will send you to speak directly to Adachi. As for the dialogue here we leave you the options to choose:

    • "It has done?"
    • "Not."
    • "Not."
    • "I'm on your side."
    • "Yes."
    • Set fire to the letter.

    Once this is done, Jester's social link will now be maximized and you will get a special animated scene for the accomplice ending after the credits. Now the murders will never be solved and the protagonist will always be blackmailed against Adachi against them.

    With this explanation, accomplice ending guide in Persona 4 Golden allows you to carry out the murders without being discovered, in addition to maximizing the social link. Luck!

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