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Fortnite Epic Games Will present a X-ray flames's caricature

Fortnite Epic Games Will present a X-ray flames's caricature  a world where you can explore and experience the dangers of the game
2019-01-26 16:55:33

Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes has news for Nintendo Switch

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has news for Nintendo Switch, goichi suda tell all about the game
2019-01-26 14:40:09

Unruly Heroes, became the best successor of Rayman Origins Game

Unruly Heroes by Ubisoft, became the best successor of Rayman Origins, an action game with excellent graphic design
2019-01-26 13:10:07

Nintendo Switch sold 20 million of new consoles

Nintendo Switch ensures that in the last quarter of 2018 sold 20 million of new consoles
2019-01-26 00:45:29

Metroid Prime 4 restarts development for Nintendo Switch

Metroid Prime 4 restarts development with Retro Studios for Nintendo Switch, MPrime 4 here the release date
2019-01-25 22:26:23

Fortnite will be available on Android and Galaxy Note 9

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will be available for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Android, but the list for smartphone it's bigger
2019-01-25 21:44:34

Metro Exodus Requirements for PC: Directx, Intel Core, Space GB

4A Games and Deep Silver, responsible for Metro Exodus, have revealed the recommended requirements for PC. Directx,  Intel Core, Space GB, ram
2019-01-25 20:59:01

Resident Evil 2 Remake: Get All weapons for Claire and Leon

the protagonists of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Leon and Claire to escape Raccoon City, Help them to get All the Weapons
2019-01-25 19:54:10

Dragon Quest XI S Square Enix Has new content for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest XI S Square Enix Has new content for Nintendo Switch , role-playing also is available for PS4
2019-01-25 18:56:31

Axiom Verge Free in Epic Store every 14 days with other games

Epic Store has been giving away every 14 days games like Axiom Verge, Subnautica or Super Meat Boy, Mad Max, GTA 5 and more
2019-01-24 22:55:07

Crytek Will Disable the use of Cloud for CryEngine Games

Crytek Will Disable the use of Cloud, will decide its work in a development kit for the CryEngine Games
2019-01-24 21:39:31

Bungie will raise charges against Activision

Not long ago the rumor spread that the game developer Bungie and his editor Activision had decided to separate.
2019-01-24 20:08:38

Activision Blizzard investigated for Fraud

Activision Blizzard, the firm would be being investigated for possible fraud within its top executives. Since the developer Bungie
2019-01-24 19:48:12

Anno 1800 delayed its release date.

Anno 1800 delayed its release date. franchise will be launched with a month of delay, one the best strategy games
2019-01-24 19:15:15

Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix delayed for Disney & Mickey Mouse

Kingdom Hearts III Has some difficulties for Disney don't being want able to Mickey Mouse but square Enix wants to use it as a main figure
2019-01-24 17:18:15

Dreams made it possible to generate a scene from Dead Space.

Dreams is an intriguing video game that gives players the power through a series of efficient and dynamic instruments and an intuitive design, to develop whole universes of three dimensions.
2019-01-24 15:34:09

Jump Force will resume the activity of its open beta in Pc, PS4, Xbox One

The tension of Jump Force focus on a single point: its open beta. Bandai Namco established during the last week a trial period for everyone that lasted much less than initially stipulated. The reason for this, we remember, was derived from the multiple connectivity problems that made it impossible for many users to make contact.
2019-01-24 15:29:50

Dragon Ball FighterZ offers free weekend for Xbox One, PC, PS4 users

The Dragon Ball franchise continues to grow in the world of video games, finding Dragon Ball FighterZ as its maximum exponent in the world of video games, becoming one of the best combat games of 2018 and one of the best titles of Dragon Ball that exists.
2019-01-24 14:16:53

AMD, will use Rynan 7 nm and 5 nm from Samsung and TSMC

AMD takes intelligence companies a new path away from monolithic designs.
2019-01-24 01:59:15

RAGE 2 will have many new features developed by software.

RAGE 2,this video game developed by id Software is presented in first person and set in a post-apocalyptic world that combines adventure
2019-01-24 00:27:54

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled present the Tiger Temple scenario

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is a classic that belongs to the kart racing genre, originally developed by Naughty Dog will be released on June 21 for the platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
2019-01-23 21:07:51

Mario Kart 8 becomes the second best-selling racing game on consoles in US history

The famous life of Mario and company will apparently never end. the sum of successes is a constant within the iconic saga of Nintendo has returned to add a new chapter to his record book. Mario Kart 8 has become the second best-selling racing video game on Nintendo Switch, Wii U in the history of the United States, similarly they have made it a reference for American players. The most surprising of all is that the game that has taken the first place has also been a racing game Mario, in fact, has been his predecessor.
2019-01-23 20:18:33

Anthem enables download of its demo for all platforms

Anthem is just days away from the start of his demo on January 25, which will allow users to try it out this weekend
2019-01-23 20:04:11

'Star Wars Battlefront II' will feature the legendary Count Dooku who will join the list of heroes

'SWB II' is postulated as the biggest and most ambitious game of 'Star Wars' ever developed. We must remember that in 'Star Wars: Battlefront' original there were many game modes. But space combat is a crucial part of the saga created by George Lucas. Now comes the new 'Star Wars Battlefront II' where we will go into space, to fight both in open space and on the surface of planets.
2019-01-23 19:17:24

Sony does not rule out bringing PlayStation Now to other devices

Sony is currently looking for a network engineer in order to have better technological development in addition to advances and optimize the services of PlayStation Now
2019-01-23 18:03:10

The promising Wargroove. will be on sale for Nintendo Switch

The promising Wargrooves is a turn-based video game available for Nintendo Switch will be the console that will launch.
2019-01-23 17:52:04

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth - Tides of Revenge enables new update with the Battle of Dazar'alor raid.

Blizzard displays all the contents of the new update of its MMORPG popurla, the content includes a new War Front, new faction sieges and a new raid.
2019-01-23 16:41:54

Stellaris: now the console edition comes to PS4 and Xbox

The successful special simulation and strategy adventure arrives at consoles after its premiere on PC
2019-01-23 15:28:18

Mortal Kombat 11: is interested in forming a cross game.

NetherRealm recognizes that they are studying the possibility of incorporating this functionality at some point
2019-01-23 01:53:58

Grand Theft Auto online access to the Rockstar sandbox

Grand Theft Auto Online this game allows you to integrate 16 sports players and bonuses.
2019-01-23 00:24:15