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The Most recents news

Discover the retro games that return this year to the panorama

This 2019 promises to be a year full of great titles that will allow us to live new and exciting adventures, but not only the new projects will be the protagonists, since there will be room for the classics that will return to our consoles and PC.
2019-01-04 01:47:23

Strange Brigade and Sniper Elite have added a fourth studio to their fan, buying TickTock Games.

Strange Brigade is an action adventure set in the decade of the 30s and in which we travel to the ends of the British Empire to discover the fantastic secrets hidden there, all with a cooperative mode for up to four players. In charge of Rebellion for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Seteki, Queen Witch, has come back to life and only a group of daring heroes can face their fearsome army of mummified monstrosities: the Strange Brigade!

2019-01-04 00:35:08

Count Dooku on January 23 PREMIERE OF Star Wars Battlefront II

First-person by DICE and Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with intense multiplayer battles with heroes of all ages in the saga for up to 40 players, a novel campaign mode featuring a commander of an elite force, cooperative mode to split screen in the console version and a deeper progression system.
2019-01-03 23:36:00

Arcade Classic Pang Adventures is now available on Nintendo Switch

That's right, Pang Adventures has arrived at the eShop of Nintendo Switch. Its arrival to the sale has been a total surprise, since neither Nintendo, nor DotEmu had announced its launching in the hybrid console.

2019-01-03 22:38:58

Atlas and the problems of Studio Wildcard in the High Seas

We know what are the mishaps he has had with bugs, glitches, a considerable downgrade and the complaints of hundreds of players.
2019-01-03 22:19:34

Square Enix is ​​not in plans to reveal the secret worlds of Disney in Kingdom Hearts III

According to Square Enix, it is launched on January 29 but does not intend to reveal new worlds with the license of Disney in Kingdom Hearts III. The game and co-director Tai Yasue ex-lico in an interview to Newsweek how will be the way to select these licenses.
2019-01-03 20:54:29

Would you like to know how to get characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Switch's new Smash Bros starts with eight characters, but it makes things easier to get the more than 70 available in the game
2019-01-03 20:03:15

Detective Pikachu will soon bring us a realistic Pokémon version of Vaporeon and Ninetales

As they have never been seen on the big screen with a premiere scheduled for May in theaters around the world, the film that will star real actors and nice creatures, has a huge creative work behind. RJ Palmer, the well-known artist of the realistic Pokémon, has worked with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros, and now, after finishing his participation in the film, he has shared his first piece in months in Deviantart.
2019-01-03 19:53:59

Pokémon GO presents its first event of the year: Eclosionatón

Pokémon GO users can now prepare to walk non-stop through the streets on the occasion of the return of the Eclosionatón event.
2019-01-03 19:28:24

Darksiders III is now part of the Origin Access Premier catalog

The premium subscription service of Electronic Arts continues to expand its catalog, this time with the recent adventure starring Furia.
2019-01-03 19:25:38

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash, expands to a mod for PC

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash, expands to a Nexus  mod for PC,  you like to continue living great adventures in the kingdom of Lordan? Well we present u mod for p = PC that gives expansion to our experience in Dark Souls.
2019-01-03 19:04:39

Data to overcome the Fortnite Challenge level.

Everything you need to know to overcome Fortalite Battle Royale: challenge of week 5 of season 7
2019-01-03 17:53:07

Fallout 76 already has the problem with nuclear bombs under control

The multiplayer RPG game from Bethesda was presenting problems that prevented fans from accessing the silos to launch nuclear bombs.
2019-01-03 17:25:48

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash mods Have differences and changes that you can not miss

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash Have differences and changes , according to its creator, duplicates the content of the original Dark Souls by modifying many of the main game's events, like new bosses and more
2019-01-03 15:07:21

Alfheim now with LEGO pieces.

Marius Herrmann, an expert creator of LEGO figures, has managed to recreate a version of the environment of God of War with figures of Kratos and Atreus.
2019-01-03 13:57:44

LEGO The Lord of the rings and The Hobbit disappear in digital format.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is no longer available on Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and eShop.
2019-01-03 01:49:27

The whole game that could not be shown for 2018 will be for 2019.

The delays of the games that could not be shown for 2018 now for this 2019.
2019-01-02 20:19:18

All the tricks and codes of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 and Xbox One

How to activate the tricks and codes in Red Dead Redemption 2?
2019-01-02 19:23:53

PlayStation Plus presents the first free games of the year

Sony has revealed the games that will be part of the PlayStation Plus catalog this January, including Steep and Portal Knights. 
2019-01-02 18:56:17

The secrets of Tom Clancy's. already discovered

Several users have found a secret Ubisoft website that could be related to the Tom Clancy franchise and the announcement of a new game.

2019-01-02 17:36:34

The most anticipated games for Xbox One in January

Among the games that we can enjoy in this first month of the year 2019 are, Kingdom Hearts III, Resident Evil 2, Ace Combat 7: Unknown Skies, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, Life is Strange 2 - Ep. 2: Rules and Onimusha: Warlords.
2019-01-02 17:31:15

All the best games for 2019

The best games you will enjoy and know for 2019.
2019-01-02 16:23:57

LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit disappear in an unexpected way from the digital stores

LEGO: The Lord of the Rings and LEGO: The Hobbit have disappeared from the stores of STEAM, Microsoft, Playstation Network, that is, they are no longer for sale.

2019-01-02 14:52:23

Bright Memory is the game that will put your memory to fly.

Developed by a single person, Zeng Xiancheng, the FPS with an impressive visual style and playable Bright Memory will have early access very soon.
2019-01-02 14:43:25

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night cancels its version for Linux and Mac

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will no longer be released for computers running Mac and Linux operating systems.
2018-12-29 00:12:22

We help you find the secret banner of Week 4 of Season 7

We help you find the secret banner of Week 4 of Season 7 of the Battle Pass of Fortnite Battle Royale. Go for the prize!
2018-12-28 23:21:04

From Software is working on two titles to announce

FromSoftware confirms that they already have two titles in development to be announced.
2018-12-28 22:53:06

The prequel to the story of Chloe.

"Life is weird, it's often complex and disconcerting, but it's also wonderful, we think that's what makes it so attractive, just like this game."
2018-12-28 21:41:29

The Metro saga every day looks much better, showing new images that make him postulate as one of the great shooters of 2019.

The new installment of the Metro saga arrives in February to continue the story born from the novels, being developed by 4A Games.
2018-12-28 20:46:15

Steam announces the best-selling video games of the year

Steam reveals the most sold of 2018 in the largest PC game store market with significant sales of up to 70%.
2018-12-28 20:21:55