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Rage 2 Guide: Find the Defibrillator, How to use it and unlocked

In the first title of Rage 2 once the players got the defibrillator they must die to be able to use it which took them to a mini game to get other rewards.
2019-05-16 19:45:57

Fortnite Fortbyte 17: Inside a wooden fish Building

Since the beginning of season 9 of Fortnite, the Fortbyte have been appearing daily, the last one that has appeared is the Fortbyte 17 and is inside a wooden fish.
2019-05-16 19:24:51

Apex Legends heirlooms: how do you get them?

Apex Legends there are some particular cosmetics that are the rarest among all, called relics. 
2019-05-16 19:13:46

Kingdom Hearts 3 guide: How to get the Ultima Weapon

Unfortunately to get the Ultima Weapon you must wait until the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 and still in the end there are a few things you must do before you can unlock it once and for all.
2019-05-16 19:07:52

Complete the Visit to the Big Phone, big Piano and Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite week 2 Season 9

A new week in Fortnite season 9 only means that new weekly challenges come. However, among the most difficult that are expected
2019-05-16 18:20:58

Fortnite John Wick: Challenges, Skin set and cosmetics, rewards and house in Paradise Palms

Since John Wick 3: Parabellum is about to be released only hours in Europe and the United States, Fortnite has launched its special Fortnite John Wick crossover event in its new update
2019-05-16 17:43:29

Fallout 76 Guide: How To Find Pemmican

Finding Pemmican can often become a whole journey, is that in fact it is not an easy task, it is not complicated either, but it requires a little time and effort.
2019-05-16 16:45:14

Fortnite How to get V-Bucks free, all you nned to know

In the universe Fortnite offers many things, in various types and ranges, however not all can be accessed, unless you own Fortnite V-bucks. This is the currency that is handled in the game and with which you can acquire anything, including skins, amotes, dances, everything. 
2019-05-16 16:01:51

Mortal Kombat 11: Shao Kahn Find Out What Happened to Mileena

Controversy is what the players of the newly released Mortal Kombat 11 have been causing since they learned that Mileena would not be in Mortal Kombat 11.
2019-05-16 15:39:51

Fortnite guide: John Wick Skin and Back Bling

The premiere for John Wick's upcoming film is only hours away, his crossover at Fortnite will also come into play. As if that were not enough, the recent leaks regarding the John Wick
2019-05-16 14:14:46

Rocket League Challenges Guide: Rocket Pass 3 Week 5

The new batch of Rocket League Rocket Pass 3 Week 5 challenges start today, May 15 and we have you ready with all these new challenges, both free and Premium challenges.
2019-05-16 13:50:26

Days Gone Guide: How to Kill Hordes - Easiest Way

Days Gone: First of all, we recommend you to have the Chicago Chopper gun, purchased at the 5th "Magic Island" Camp in Crater Lake Region in days gone and kill the Hordes.
2019-05-15 23:41:23

Where is the Mountain top cactus wedge in Fortnite Fortbyte 81

We are already in the Fortbyte 81, it is accessible during the day and is in the Mountain top cactus wedge in Fortnite.
2019-05-15 22:52:25

A Plague Tale Innocence: How to Find all the Historical Curiosities

 In A Plague Tale: Innocence there are many historical curiosities hidden in certain locations on the map, and looking for them can become an odyssey.
2019-05-15 21:59:10

Rage 2 Guide: How to unlock Unloaded Trophy

In Rage 2 there are many Trophies and Achievements to unlock, including the Rage 2 Unloaded Trophy.
2019-05-15 21:38:40

Mortal Kombat 11 Guide How to unlock Maskless Kitana, Scorpion, Frost and others skin

Discover how to unlock the Kitana Maskless skin in Mortal Kombat 11.
2019-05-15 21:11:51

Fortnite Drum Gun Nerf has reappeared again

Fortnite Drum Gun nerf appears in the latest Fortnite update.
2019-05-15 20:33:11

Rage 2 Guide: How to Change your Armor, the easy way

Like any FPS game, Rage 2 has its difficulties or disadvantages, because since its recent release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it has left many fans a little confused.
2019-05-15 20:07:59

Fortnite Fortbyte 24: find the Fatal Fields puzzle piece

Fortnite Fortbyte 24: find the Fatal Fields puzzle piece
2019-05-15 19:27:46

Days Gone Starting Tips: A Quick Guide For Beginners

If you are a rookie in Days Gone, we recommend avoiding fights against Hordas, since these matches require a lot of skill and maneuver
2019-05-15 19:03:01

Days Gone Guide: Increase Inventory Limit

Days Gone How Upgrade Your Inventory Space!!! More Ammo, Traps and Throwables
2019-05-15 18:37:25

Days Gone which is the best weapon

There are several reasons why consider the Chicago Chopper as the best weapon in the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, Days Gone.
2019-05-15 18:16:09

Minecraft 1.14 Guide: How to Tame Foxes

Minecraft Java recently released its patch 1.14 loaded with new things, including Foxes. These animals are easy to tame, giving the game a fun touch.
2019-05-15 17:48:54

Fortnite Fortbyte #92 where use Rock Love Spray near a lavafall

Get the Fortbyte overcoming the respective challenges, is the new attraction that brought Fortnite Season 9. To get Fortbyte 92, you must use the Rock Love Spray near Lavafall. Today we bring you some details so that you can overcome this challenge.
2019-05-15 17:09:30

Fortnite Fortbyte 82: solve the puzzle of the pressure plate NW

Each time there is less Fortbyte, less pieces for the puzzle to get, in Fortnite season 9. Now, the much sought after Fortbyte 82 is present in the game, but this time you have certain things to consider to get it.
2019-05-15 16:15:28

A Plague Tale: Innocence Guide Tips and tricks

in this guide of tricks and tips that in A Plague Tale: Innocence the goal of the players is to get into the role of two young children and start exploring
2019-05-15 16:02:22

Find the puzzle piece in Haunted Hills - Fortnite Fortbyte 55

The piece for the puzzle, Fortnite Fortbyte 55, will make you look in the dangerous Haunted Hills village. This village is very dangerous
2019-05-15 15:28:10

Rage 2 Guide: Man or woman which is the best option to play

Rage 2: choosing one or the other sex will imply differences in the game, beyond the physical appearance of Walker
2019-05-15 15:05:36

Rage 2 Guide: How Repair Vehicles and where

  Rage 2: we will give you some tips for storing and reapairs your vehicles, since you must do certain things to make it so.
2019-05-15 14:16:19

Rage 2 Guide: How to Find the BFG 9000 and How to unlock it

BFG 9000 in Rage 2 along with the deluxe edition, of which many users have already been wondering how they can find and obviously unlock the BFG 9000.
2019-05-14 22:03:07