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The Most recents news

Final season of episode 3 of The Walking Dead.

The posthumous work of Telltale Games will go hand in hand with Skybound, who works on polishing the last two unfinished episodes of the season
2019-01-07 21:33:20

AMD launches its Ryzen Mobile 3000 processors

AMD initiated the launch of the new Ryzen + APU, this being the second generation of AMD Ryzen processors for laptops.
2019-01-07 20:49:50

Devil May Cry 5, why only for adults?

As usual, the description that the ESRB makes of a videogame does not stop being a brief synopsis, and specifically, that of Devil May Cry 5 reads as follows:
2019-01-07 16:35:01

Mario Kart 8 deluxes surprises its sale in 2018

The game has sold about half a million copies, placing fifth in the Top of 2018, which makes it the second best-selling game of Switch.
2019-01-07 15:44:11

Anthem gives a sample of fifteen minutes in his games

For the month of February is the launch of the game of Lost Arcanist, where Anthem presents one of its missions thanks to a demonstration of gameplay that comes from the US media IGN. which has recently shared an exclusive gameplay of Anthem's 15-minute alpha version, allowing game followers to discover the 'Lost Arcanist' mission in advance. This is a demonstration of about fifteen minutes in which we show the mission "Lost Arcanist", one of the first missions that players can take on the title and which is intended to show the basic components of combat and flight.
2019-01-05 19:18:36

Someone in God of War for PS4 will be the inspiration for Nintendo and Super Smash Bros

One of the most important artists of God of War for PlayStation 4 as it is Rafael Grassetti began to make a series of illustrations inspired by Nintendo and the characters of the game. Start disseminate in social networks your work centered on the characters where you redesign the aspects and giving it a style of drawing. The artist offers an interesting reinterpretation of Link and Samus Aran giving a preview of the silhouette illustration of what the new character will be presenting and it is likely that Nintendo fans have little doubt about who is behind said silhouette.
2019-01-05 17:56:52

On January 7, Battle Princess Madelyn arrives at Nintendo Switch

Nintendo confirms that the launch of Battle Princess Madelyn in Europe will take place on January 7. Presented by Causal Bit Games, there was some delay at the last moment on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

2019-01-05 16:38:46

'Super Nintendo Legends', It's a book that will arrive on the 5th of April

The publication of Super Nintendo Legends was announced by Game Press, the book that reviews the history of the 16-bit console. Thus, it includes texts from veterans of the video game press, such as Marcos García, Bruno Sol, Raúl Montón or Juan Carlos Sanz and several specialists in the retro sector, such as Carles García and Juan Carlos Caballero, among others.
2019-01-05 16:13:01

Nintendo: earns a profit of more than 348 million dollars during 2018

According to Sensor Tower who conducted a market analysis indicates that the catalog of games for Nintendo phones and during 2018 achieved a total of 348 million dollars. Finally note that this does not include Pokémon games, which are also published on mobile phones under The Pokémon Company, so we do not consider the nearly 800 million dollars of Pokémon GO in 2018. We can say that this includes only the performance of Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes and the recent Dragalia Lost.
2019-01-05 15:31:31

Bethesda resolves a demand for the Westworld game

Previously Bethesda had filed a lawsuit over a Westworld video game against Behavior Interactive and Warner. Although it seems that they have finally resolved their differences.
2019-01-05 00:57:11

Top 5 best rated games in 2018, according to Metacritic

Metacritic is a portal that adds media product reviews, be it movies, TV shows, music albums and videogames. For each product, the scores of each revision are averaged. And recently it was revealed which were the best rated games of 2018.

2019-01-04 21:01:37

Star Wars Battlefront II welcomes Count Dooku

Electronic Arts and EA DICE are presented in the Roadmap of the new content planned during this month of January 2019 with new events.
2019-01-04 19:50:34

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) after moving to F2P exceeds 20 million players.

The popular tactical shooter of Valve has broken its own record of unique users this December after its change of course to the free-to-play model.
2019-01-04 19:15:26

Gunman Clive HD Collection launches a new trailer for Nintendo Switch

Gunman Clive HD Collection will arrive at Switch's eShop on January 17th, which is why it has unveiled a new trailer that includes both deliveries of this particular and fun arcade proposal inspired by the Wild West.
2019-01-04 19:05:58

RPG Maker MV (mmorpg) delayed for consoles - Do you know Why?

RPG Maker MV mmorpg, whose launch date in the West was scheduled for March this year, has been delayed without an exact date.
2019-01-04 17:52:28

Marvel is preparing to make a new game with several "ex" characters from Blizzard

The creators of Hearthstone are working on a new game in collaboration with Marvel that will be added to that of The Avengers and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.
2019-01-04 17:06:41

The Legend of Zelda keeps the terrifying Mundo Minus in NES

A user has discovered that The Legend of Zelda in its version of NES has a Minus World, which deals with an area of ​​the game in beta.

2019-01-04 16:39:30

Again with more mosions Hitman Collection.

The fourth installment of the Hitman series launches the Glacier engine version, artificial intelligence and, for the first time, agent 47 must control its budget in depth.
2019-01-04 16:13:46

For next week you can download Edith Finch for free.

Edith Finch is now free for all those who could not have it.
2019-01-04 15:43:02

Discover the retro games that return this year to the panorama

This 2019 promises to be a year full of great titles that will allow us to live new and exciting adventures, but not only the new projects will be the protagonists, since there will be room for the classics that will return to our consoles and PC.
2019-01-04 01:47:23

Strange Brigade and Sniper Elite have added a fourth studio to their fan, buying TickTock Games.

Strange Brigade is an action adventure set in the decade of the 30s and in which we travel to the ends of the British Empire to discover the fantastic secrets hidden there, all with a cooperative mode for up to four players. In charge of Rebellion for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Seteki, Queen Witch, has come back to life and only a group of daring heroes can face their fearsome army of mummified monstrosities: the Strange Brigade!

2019-01-04 00:35:08

Count Dooku on January 23 PREMIERE OF Star Wars Battlefront II

First-person by DICE and Electronic Arts for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with intense multiplayer battles with heroes of all ages in the saga for up to 40 players, a novel campaign mode featuring a commander of an elite force, cooperative mode to split screen in the console version and a deeper progression system.
2019-01-03 23:36:00

Arcade Classic Pang Adventures is now available on Nintendo Switch

That's right, Pang Adventures has arrived at the eShop of Nintendo Switch. Its arrival to the sale has been a total surprise, since neither Nintendo, nor DotEmu had announced its launching in the hybrid console.

2019-01-03 22:38:58

Atlas and the problems of Studio Wildcard in the High Seas

We know what are the mishaps he has had with bugs, glitches, a considerable downgrade and the complaints of hundreds of players.
2019-01-03 22:19:34

Square Enix is ​​not in plans to reveal the secret worlds of Disney in Kingdom Hearts III

According to Square Enix, it is launched on January 29 but does not intend to reveal new worlds with the license of Disney in Kingdom Hearts III. The game and co-director Tai Yasue ex-lico in an interview to Newsweek how will be the way to select these licenses.
2019-01-03 20:54:29

Would you like to know how to get characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Switch's new Smash Bros starts with eight characters, but it makes things easier to get the more than 70 available in the game
2019-01-03 20:03:15

Detective Pikachu will soon bring us a realistic Pokémon version of Vaporeon and Ninetales

As they have never been seen on the big screen with a premiere scheduled for May in theaters around the world, the film that will star real actors and nice creatures, has a huge creative work behind. RJ Palmer, the well-known artist of the realistic Pokémon, has worked with Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros, and now, after finishing his participation in the film, he has shared his first piece in months in Deviantart.
2019-01-03 19:53:59

Pokémon GO presents its first event of the year: Eclosionatón

Pokémon GO users can now prepare to walk non-stop through the streets on the occasion of the return of the Eclosionatón event.
2019-01-03 19:28:24

Darksiders III is now part of the Origin Access Premier catalog

The premium subscription service of Electronic Arts continues to expand its catalog, this time with the recent adventure starring Furia.
2019-01-03 19:25:38

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash, expands to a mod for PC

Dark Souls Daughters of Ash, expands to a Nexus  mod for PC,  you like to continue living great adventures in the kingdom of Lordan? Well we present u mod for p = PC that gives expansion to our experience in Dark Souls.
2019-01-03 19:04:39