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Oxygen Not Included: How to play - Beginners Guide

2019-08-06 19:04:45

If you are a beginner and do not know how to play Oxygen Not Included, do not worry, this guide is designed especially for you, so check it out.

Oxygen Not Included, the survival simulation video game developed by Canadian Klei Entertaiment had its official release recently. In it you will be obliged to create an environment and a suitable colony that can support your crews in order to survive, since you will face new ways of life. If you want to know more details about how to play Oxygen Not Included then read on.

How to play Oxygen Not Included?

Once you start the game in Oxygen Not Included you will realize that as you progress, you will go into survival mode, where you must select the first three Duplicants that will begin the colonization.

How to choose Duplicators correctly when playing Oxygen Not Included?

The first thing you should take into consideration are the Attributes and Traits when choosing Duplicators. As for the attributes, you will have the opportunity to verify and understand each of them by exploring them specifically with the help of the cursor.

For this you must place special emphasis on excavation, construction and cooking. While you are selecting and moving to the asteroid, you will notice on your screen a lot of information that will indicate from the left a cycle with the number of days, in addition to icons next to it, which will tell you the level of stress, the population size and even sick duplicates and the amount of food stored. It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of the game, the amount of food will be enough for you to survive the 3 duplicators up to 5 cycles, of course while the duplicators increase, you will need more food.

On the other hand, under the icon, you will get a speed section, which controls the speed of the game. In addition to that, Oxygen Not Included allows you to select any substance or player to obtain information in order to create strategies for your next step. It is worth mentioning that right at the top of the right screen, under Overlays, you can get a list of resources that you can consult once you are building your colony.

While in the Traits, you will notice that the colors of the text are red and green. The red ones indicate negative traits, so it is recommended to ignore this type of duplicators whose negative traits involve anemic, allergies, flatulent and even strong sleepers.

Although Oxygen Not Included allows you to counteract these negative features, either by building distant beds so that Loud Sleeper does not affect others.

Essential components in Oxygen Not Included

To survive in Oxygen Not Included you must take care of the following:

Oxygen: this element will be sufficient at the start of Oxygen Not Included. However, it will vanish per cycle as the duplicates consume it, generating CO2. Red aerosols will indicate the amount of CO2, while oxygen can be identified with blue aerosols. You can see this by clicking on the Oxygen Overlays. It should be noted that the oxygen diffuser admits 5 duplicators, emitting 500 g / s of oxygen, that is, the duplicate intake rate is 100 g / s.

Food: In order to survive in Oxygen Not Included you will clearly need food, although it is true that at the beginning you will have enough food until the last 5 cycles, the cracked tiles in Sands and Sandstone can throw roots of Critter Egg or Mucker, or you could also harvest Automatically Bristle Blossom by pressing "Y" and dragging many clusters, in case you want to have additional food reserves.

If you use Tiles and Stairs you can plan some plants, this is quite good, since you will need more space to accommodate multiple equipment. Once you have cleaned the ditches and accumulated enough space, you must build and place the manual generator and battery that you can access in the energy section.

Disinfection: this allows you to reject germs to create a healthy environment anywhere. Such as building a sink under the Medicine tab next to a latrine in order to prevent contamination of the area. You should know that each duplicant has the bladder rate that can be seen under the conditions.

Bladder Rate - How to play Oxygen Not Included?

In Oxygen Not Included there is a bladder rate, which you can see according to each duplicate information. As time goes by, the bladder will reach a point where it will be necessary to free itself, that is, it will expel the contaminated water that germs accumulate and multiply in nearby surroundings. For that reason, they need Outhouse, Water Basin in a closed room.

Build a pitcher bomb - How to play Oxygen Not Included?

Build a pitcher pump with the main objective of collecting and transporting water to your base, but you must first dig and connect the ladder so that your Duplicators can access the water area. When you have a water supply, all you have to do is enclose a tunnel and place the water tank before the latrine. You can also build a Compost next to Outhouse in Refinement, in order to deposit all the content when it is full.

Once the above is done, you must place a Door and close the upper space with tiles in order to build a bathroom, this will increase the Morale. Doing so will ensure that your base does not become contaminated, decreasing the chances of Duplicators getting sick.

Germs - How to play Oxygen Not Included?

You can see this by selecting Germs overlay on the "Oxygen overlays" tab in Oxygen not included. You should know that these germs can not be ignored, as it would result in a decrease in the efficiency of duplicators, causing them to get sick. Check if Duplicators are exposed to germs in their state.

How to cure germs when playing Oxygen Not Included?

To do this you must complete the research on medications and go to duplicators who have medical skills.

Ways to reduce stress - How to play Oxygen Not Included?

A Duplicator can feel stress by having some burden or disadvantage, causing morale to decrease. For this reason you will have to do everything possible to increase morale by exceeding the required rate that you can see in "Consumables". Although you can also reduce stress by reducing working time. This is achieved by clicking below the icon of the cycle of the day that will open the Time Editor screen.

Now that your question about how to play Oxygen Not Included has been clarified, it is your turn to put it into practice and teach your friends how to play this amazing title correctly.

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