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Oxygen Not Included: How to cure all diseases

2019-08-14 16:56:47

Here we will explain in this guide how to cure all diseases in Oxygen Not Included.

What you need to know before you can cure all diseases in Oxygen Not Included?

There is a possibility that they may get sick in Oxygen Not Included. For this, preventive measures must be taken to avoid it, such as ensuring that there is an environment where the air is of quality in every common place in which people are, cleaning constantly, the appropriate temperature is also important, in short, many things that if it is not prevented, it creates an unsustainable health situation in people and this leads to an idea of ​​how to cure all diseases otherwise, in the medicine option the creation of medicines responsible for curing all diseases can be carried out or least stop the deterioration it causes in Oxygen Not Included.

How to cure all diseases in Oxygen Not Included?

If we want to cure all diseases, we must take into account what needs to be done in each of the ones we will mention below:
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    How to cure Slimelung in Oxygen Not Included.

    This disease is caused by silt and polluted air creating a bacterium that attacks slowly to eliminate it, a generator must be placed close to the bacteria, this type of bacteria is responsible for affecting breathing and when coughing an amount of oxygen will be generated contaminated, this can be attacked using liquids but that only stops it momentarily, to eliminate it you have to create the medicine.

    How to cure spores in Oxygen Not Included.

    This has a high degree of danger, it depends on whether it is treated quickly being so lethal that it causes death, it happens when breathing air or gas contaminated very frequently, to treat it you must take many medicines to decrease its effects until it is eliminated.

    How to cure hypothermia in Oxygen Not Included.

    This has to do with high or low temperatures limiting performance, for 3 days maximum. Therefore the best solution is to be exposed to optimum temperatures where you will be.

    How to cure Trench Stench in Oxygen Not Included.

    Being exposed to contaminated water or air generates this disease, the concentration of both contents in one place and also where there are people is a guarantee that they get sick from the bad smell making it difficult for them to live in the usual places, the ones you have This disease should be isolated.

    How to cure poisoned food in Oxygen Not Included.

    This is caused by a bacterium that travels in the air, it is concentrated in food and water, in order to avoid this a kind of quarantine has to be done so that the gases are not released, the bacteria can be destroyed with chlorine, Hygiene is also essential in people and food.

    How to cure heat stroke in Oxygen Not Included.

    It is due to the place where the heat is concentrated a lot, this causes the level of cooking, building, thinking and learning to decrease, its effect is short-term while avoiding exposure to enclosed heat.

    How to cure diarrhea in Oxygen Not Included.

    It is annoying to be in this situation, its cause lies more in poor quality food, generates bad odors and problems when working, the ideal is to create a pill that reduces the effects, so that this does not happen it must be fed properly.

    To finish with the guide, you must already know how to cure all the diseases in Oxygen Not Included, simply follow these steps so that you do not have any problems.

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