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Oxygen Not Included: How to active Sandbox Mode

2019-08-06 22:11:32

We have prepared for you a strategy to active Sandbox Mode and eliminate hoaxes in Oxigen Not Included.

Why active Sandbox Mode in Oxigen Not Included?

First of all, it should be clarified that the Sandbox mode in simply a elimination mode, which gives us the possibility of staying in the game without having any complications, which allows us to play while maintaining the real progress that we obtain in the standard mode, facilitates us to discard tricks that are presented to us which makes the game perhaps easier than we could imagine, since the experience will make it simpler so worrying about deception should not appear on your list, only the Oxygen game fun Not Included.

How to activate Sandbox in Oxigen Not Included?

It is important that when you want to enter to play the Sandbox mode you have already achieved enough improvements in the standard mode, remember that you will be able to keep all the progress you have throughout the game, and that is worth rescuing, to activate the Mode Sandbox what you should do is start a new game from a file that already exists click on options this in the menu there you should throw an option that will tell you to unlock the Sandbox mode, once you have achieved what you must do is activate or deactivate it using shift + s in Oxigen Not Included.

So to enjoy the game Oxigen Not Included in a big way once you have activate Sandbox in Oxigen, if you have comments, leave them here.

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