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The styles in Overwatch are the order of the day and this allows us to ask how to get the Skin of Mardi Gras from Ashe

Why get Ashe's Mardi Gras Skin in Overwatch?

The game brings with it an interesting event which allows us to get a new skin which implies making some interesting costumes such as gold, green and white ornaments being these phenomenal attire at the festivities in addition to being able to accompany it with an interesting mask that allows us to celebrate a pretty great way in this event that starts on February 25 ending on March 9 having there the possibility of getting at least 9 games, these being excellent to get Bob and Ashe sprays for every 3 wins, in addition to getting 6 wins and with it access to a golden mask that allows us to be the center of attention.
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    How to get Ashe's Mardi Gras Skin in Overwatch?

    Apart from the mask it is necessary to get at least 6 unique Ashe Mardi Gras sprays, for which it is usually important to move to the channels of the Twitch Overwatch tab allowing us to review the Blizzard page and thereby link both accounts between Blizzard and Twitch, with this it is important the amount of hours to be added by receiving one spray at two hours, then 2 spray at 4 hours and 3 sprays at 6 hours respectively and thereby claim these phenomenal skins in addition to a new world where we can perform triple the damage, but not only because we will add to our arsenal a tank, two healers and three healers.

    Now that you know how to get the Skin of Mardi Gras from Ashe we are offered the possibility of acquiring other interesting elements in Overwatch.

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