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With our Outriders guide you will learn more about where to find all the iron nodes in Rift Town.

What to know about the iron nodes in Outriders?

It is an important mineral to be able to make the most powerful weapons in the game, certainly there are a total of 201 locations for these, but specifically we want to know where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town, which turn out to be 16 in In total, these may always be in the same place, a fact that will be useful to us to obtain very important profits from this resource, now to have the precise details, let's move on in this guide.

Where to find all Rift Town iron nodes in Outriders?

To have an idea of where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town we will see the 16 necessary locations in Outriders, these are the following:
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    • Iron node 1: starting from the beginning in the area of ​​the defense perimeter, you have to go to the right where the tank is to go around it until you reach the left flank, then we have a path that will lead us to find it in a blocked wall.
    • Iron node 2: for this we return to the tank to go this time to the right flank, when we find ourselves at the entrance of the destroyed city we must turn left, near a cart with sandbags will be this iron node.
    • Iron node 3: enter the town until we find some stairs to climb, which lead us to a platform and another staircase to reach a grass path, in the corner we will find this iron node.
    • Iron node 4: to solve where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town in this specific case we have to make a 180 degree turn, which will put us in a shady area under some barricades, here close will be the iron node .
    • Iron node 5: we go back until we find a ledge going down and turning to the right, once here we will see a hole to our left in a wall, here inside will be the iron node.
    • Iron node 6: through Audrey Storm it is necessary that we enter the Payback area, which will put one of us to navigate ahead, until we will go up some stairs that in turn take us to a door to go through , as you pass to the left will be the iron node behind a ledge destroyed at Outriders.
    • Iron node 7: we have to go to the outpost in ruins to find ourselves in Outriders to a sloping white and blue building, under the ledge that is somewhat to the right we will find it.
    • Iron node 8: once we have passed the white and blue building we will come to find a path to the left through which we will go, which will lead us to pass a flag, on a wall that is when turning around the corner will be the node stuck.
    • Iron node 9: starting from the previous node we have to find out where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town we will go to the opening that is on the right, which allows us to have a higher view of the building, when turning we must continue on straight ahead and then make a left turn that will place us in a body of water, next to a pipe that is open in the cliff will be this node.
    • Iron node 10: to get this node it is necessary that in Outriders we return to the previous main path, which allows us to reach another body of water and a ledge that can take us to a high area, the node is found on a very near the water.
    • Iron node 11: once we go up a ledge we will reach a path to our left, which will put us on a wall where the node is.
    • Iron node 12: on where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town, we will be in the crossroads area, here we will go to the location of the spiritual historian, where we have to go down and to the right hug the wall, which puts us with the node of iron.
    • Iron node 13: we will go the left path once we have entered the cave, which will put us on our way to one of the wooden planks, we have to make a couple of turns to the right to access another cave system Once we leave, we will have found the iron node on the left.
    • Iron node 14: on the right side of the clearing we will be able to find it, which for this we will pass some pillars and rubble, thus managing to see it next to a fence and some bonfires in Outriders.
    • Iron node 15: it is necessary that we are in Shattered Front, which allows us to solve where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town, what we will do in the infamous land area is to go through a dark walkway, which will put us in a clearing, to the left of the place we find this node.
    • Iron node 16: in the same area there is a building, which allows us to find the last iron node within it, which is in the left corner that follows.

     So we finished our guide on where to find all the iron nodes of Rift Town, hoping that you can get the best out of Outriders, a very moved game.

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